Microsoft begin selling SIM Free Windows Phone devices through UK Online Store

Despite Joe Belfiore recently dismissing the idea, Microsoft have begun selling SIM Free Windows Phone devices through the Microsoft Store, the only difference from it being through the US retail stores, us UK users can now go to the online Microsoft Store and select a range of Windows Phone devices.

Microsoft Store UK Windows Phone

Now, before you get too excited over the fact of buying SIM Free phones easily, or are the 1% to think of HTC or Samsung, there’s only three Windows Phone devices available in the Store … and they’re all Nokia.

The three devices in question include both of Nokia’s phablet devices, the 1320 and 1520, as well as the just announced Lumia 630. The devices in numeric order are selling for £129, £329 and £549 respectably.

In comparison with prices from Expansys, for example, this is where the Microsoft Store prices stand for SIM Free.

Windows Phone Device

Microsoft Store Price *inc VAT

Expansys UK Price *not inc VAT

 LUMIA 630
 LUMIA 1320
 LUMIA 1520

The prices are interesting, as with the Lumia 630 you’re getting a deal, but with older devices it’s best looking elsewhere, but we can’t complain with having another official place to buy a SIM free device.

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