Motorola Event = New affordable Moto E and 4G Capable update to Moto G


Ever since it’s initial buy over deal from Google, which has now lead to the ownership changing to Lenovo, Motorola Mobility has had a key focus on the best value for money Smartphone possible. Last year Motorola announced two devices that took the Smartphone in two new directions, infinite customisation with unique software twists on the Moto X, and a Smartphone to die for at an unbelievable price with the Moto G.

Today at the Motorola event, you can look all you like you won’t find Dennis Woodside anymore but instead you’ll find, the new Motorola Mobility team, although some familiar remain (since Lenovo takeover), took the stage with two things up their sleeve. Unfortunately for the surprise factor, everything the rumour mill suggested, happened, but don’t let that take away from these two pretty incredible updates to the Motorola family.

Moto E

Moto E

OK, the leaks missed £10 off the price, but here it is, the infamous Moto E. What’s so special about the Moto E you ask, well let’s swing back to the Moto G announcement and you’ll get a similar word come to mind, price, and this device takes it up an even further notch, just £89 SIM Free!

What do you get for that price, well whilst it is a step down to the Moto G, which will likely terrify Android die-hards, when you look at the price and the historic reliance of Motorola’s recent Android offerings you get quite a lot.

  • 1.2GHz Dual Core SnapDragon 200, with Adreno 302 (400MHz)
  • 1GB Ram
  • 4GB Internal Storage
  • MicroSD Card Slot (up to 32GB)
  • Cornin Gorilla Glass 3
  • 5MP Rear Camera
  • 1980 mAh (more than) All Day Battery

Over the Moto G you do take some losses, but when you consider the price that’s to be expected. The Moto E does not have a front facing Camera, uses a Dual Core SnapDragon 200 instead of Quad SnapDragon 400 and has a qHD display instead of HD. But, the Moto E does have a couple of tricks up its sleeve that the Moto G, or even the Moto X, couldn’t tout at launch, notably expandable storage and a larger capacity battery at 1980mAh, which with the SnapDragon 200 should deliver incredible battery life.

Moto E customizationYou didn’t seriously think Motorola had forgotten about customisation did you! Yes, they’re back with the Moto E, the Motorola Shells, which as you can see above has more colour options than ever, 9 colour options and 5 grip shell options. Based on the prices of the Moto G shells, we expect prices to remain consistent around £7-10 and £15 for the Shells and Grip Shells respectively.

Software wise, the Moto E keeps up another key Motorola tradition, especially when price is concerned, the latest version of Android, 4.4 KitKat, with continued support for the upcoming versions of Android as soon as possible, possible quicker than the competition due to the almost stock Motorola skin.

Motorola also announced a new application, Motorola Alert, which allows you to set location statuses to notify friends and family of your current location. The second addition is Emergency Mode, which allows the phone to sound an alarm or notify someone in case of an Emergency. We’re not sure how useful both these additions will be, we do expect the Moto G/X to get these either via Google Play or through an update. Based on our annoyance with other Motorola additions, we’ll likely be staying away from them.

GS4 KitKat vs. Moto X KitKat

Motorola always promises the latest updates to the next versions of Android, but has that been proven, in a word yes and Motorola made this very clear in a simple but effective slide showing Kitkat rollout on 4 flagship devices. Durations went from 92 days all the way up to 116 days on the LG G2, then over to Moto X, which took just 19 days to recieve Kitkat from Jellybean. Whilst this was a flagship comparison, we look forward to the next version of Android and Motorola’s quick reaction for the Moto X/G/E.

Moto G


What did we say, don’t put it past Motorola to throw some surprises our way, and that surprise comes with the Moto G. Now, any Moto G owner now is likely not too chuffed that there’s an update to an existing device so rapidly, but, 1. that’s the way the industry works, and 2. there’s three things that have been changed on the Moto G, for our full coverage of the original Moto G, our announcement coverage can be found right here!

OK, I know I only said three changes, but for £150 they are rather important changes if we’re honest with you, which we’ll get to right now.

  1. 4G Support (LTE? We’re not sure yet)
  2. MicroSD Expansion
  3. New White front option

We like the entire industry called the Moto G the steal of the century in the Smartphone market, incredible almost flagship performance with great battery life for a fraction of the price … but, if you’d to get us to tell us what we’d like if we were nit-picky, we’d likely of said exactly what the Moto G now has, 4G and expandable storage for that 8/16GB option, and that’s exactly what Motorola have done. Whilst we’re not too keen on the white front, same for the E, we’re sure in person it’s not that sickly looking … hopefully.

One thing we will say though, now Motorola seems to be listening to us, 32GB option anyone? Now, before everyone reminds us of expandable storage it’s important to keep in mind Android only allows APP installations to the internal storage. Other than that though, the Moto G not only remains, but re-claims that title of Smartphone steal!


So, there you have it, two incredible Smartphone options, the Moto G is now better than ever, and the new Moto E, the one Smartphone we think is going to begin it’s own trend like the Moto G did originally, except this time, to kill the “dumb-phone” in favour of decent, ‘does the job’ low cost Smartphones, with incredible battery life and the latest software to match.

What do you think of the latest Motorola announcements, let us know below!

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