Google release 50 APIs for .NET Development on Windows and Windows Phone

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Who said Google hates Microsoft, oh yeah they just do, but sometimes they forget and do things for that platform and today they did just that! Google have released 50 new Developer APIs for Microsoft’s .NET platform, some updated APIs and some APIs that have previously never been released including APIs for Google+ and Drive!

The Google APIs Client Library for .NET is an open-source effort, hosted at NuGet, that lets developers building on the Microsoft .NET Framework to integrate their desktop or Windows Phone applications with Google’s services. It handles OAuth 2.0 integration, streaming uploads and downloads of media, and batching requests. For more than fifty Google APIs, it is the easiest way to get access for any Windows developer. Whether you are plugging Google Calendar into your .NET Framework-based application, translating text in a Windows Phone app or writing a PowerShell script to start Google Compute Engine instances, the Google APIs Client Library for .NET can save you tons of time.

APIs of note include; full list here

  • Adsense Host API v4.1 / Adsense Management API v1.4 = Google Ads are some of the most popular ad services online, the updated APIs allow further use of the latest ads supported through Google’s services.
  • Books API = Allows you to search and manage Google Books Library
  • Blogger API =
  • Calendar API = Updated API for Google Calendar since Google changed the back end of the Calendar API, something which Microsoft had to change through Windows Phone with GDR3
  • CustomSearch API = Allows the searching from a specific website through an app, or a collection of given sources
  • Drive API v2
  • Google Analytics API v3 = Along with the use of Adsense, checking how your ads in your app or website tracking is going is always useful and possible thanks to Analytics
  • Google Maps Coordinate API
  • Google Mirror API = API for interacting with Google Glass users via the timeline
  • Google Play Game Services / Services Management APIs = We’re not sure who’s going to want to use Google Play Games on Windows devices, but the option is offered,
  • Google Site Verification API = Lets you programatically verify ownership of a website or domain with Google
  • Google+ API / Google+ Domains API = Finally, Google have released an API for Google+, this will allow developers to tie in to Google+ service, which previously had zero APIs available and only available on the mobile site.
  • Search API for Shopping = Allows search of product data hosted on Google’s Shopping Service
  • Translate API v2 = A lot of apps in the Windows Phone Store especially use the Translate API, version 2 improves reliability and adds more functionality from Google’s back end
  • URL Shortener API = Allows simple URL shortening using Google’s web links.
  • YouTube Analytics API = Retrieve your YouTube Analytics report

Of course Google could do much better for Windows and Windows Phone, as in release actual apps for the platforms instead of forcing it upon third party developers, but this is one viable choice for the creation of third party Google apps. The annoying thing is, Google+ (at a stretch) and YouTube are literally the only apps people would even want Google to create.

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