MWC 14 Day 2: ZTE Grand Memo II LTE

ZTE is never going to be that big name that anyone was excited to see at Mobile World Congress, but none the less they’ve announced something of a rarity for the company, a mid range flagship product. The reason why this is such a rarity is that ZTE are renowned for their low cost, traditionally, low end devices, but this device, whilst it’s considered mid range, has some surprises up it’s sleeve.

The device, as the title would suggest, is LTE enabled in all regions it will be sold in, and is powered by an unconfirmed clock-speed *higher than the Moto G* SnapDragon 400 processor, with 2GB of RAM to keep things going. The battery is also no slouch at 3,200mAh so we’re looking forward to seeing just how far this thing can go through a day. On the Camera front you’ve a 13MP Rear Camera and a 5MP front.

The display is a 6inch 720p display, it’s IPS, but actually looks really impressive, which is something to be said from ZTE, who despite it not been their low end flavours, is expected to release this at a very reasonable price point. Performance wise, it kind of matches our expectations, just about faster than the Moto Gs we’ve been carrying around for the last few months. The only problem with the device is the build, the materials do not feel that great, the price of the this device when it’s available, will show whether this is as important of a factor or not. Also, the MiFavor 2.3 UI is, as you can see from the picture and included video, is a bit yuk.

Hands on provided by Android Central

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