Facebook for Windows Phone reaches a new milestone, it kinda works?

OK, we know, apps get updated all the time on multiple platforms and Facebook is definitely one of those apps that would qualify, but on Windows Phone Facebook has always been a bit of a struggle. Until today, Microsoft and Facebook have unveiled the new update version for Windows Phone 8 and 7.8 devices, which brings all the features brought through from the Facebook Beta program to the release version, which for one means Windows Phone 7 will have a decent Facebook app again, and a breadth of new features too which honestly makes you beg the question why they weren’t there in the first place!

Facebook update description;

Hello! Today we’ve released a new update to the official Facebook app for Windows Phone 8 that significantly evolves the app’s notification capabilities, making it easier than ever to stay plugged in.

Improved notifications was the No. 1 request from Facebook power users who test and supply feedback on the beta version of our official app. In response, we’ve really dug in, adding new chat notifications and new ways to leverage Live Tiles. Version 5.2 highlights include:

• Redesigned primary Live Tiles. Now you can see what your friends have posted on your wall right from your Start screen. But that’s just the beginning….

• New secondary Live Tiles. For the first time, you can pin Facebook chat, events, groups, pages, and photo albums to Start. Only on Windows Phone can you see who commented on a photo, what they wrote and which photo they commented on, from you phone’s Start screen Live Tile.

• More languages. The new update more than doubles the number of supported languages to 50 (up from the current 20). The app now supports all languages currently supported by Windows Phone. 

That’s the big stuff—but by no means everything you’ll find in this new release. There are also upgrades to messaging, which now supports stickers and emoticons, plus the de rigueur speed and reliability improvements. What do you think?


The recent update for Facebook on Windows Phone focuses on two things, Live Tiles and Notifications, a continuing weakness of the Windows Phone platform.


Notifications actually toast, yes really they do, or as reliably as Facebook ever does on iOS or Android, which is a bluddy big deal for Windows Phone users out there, and testers of the Facebook Beta have confirmed notifications coming in as night and day from before.

All new Live Tiles

Despite showing 4, 6 new Live Tile options have been added to the Facebook app for Windows Phone which will quickly show just how big of an update this is.

Facebook: The app itself takes cues from the Windows 8.1 app, showing profile picture or photos of notification content in the Live Tile when large alongside the usual banner tag on the top right.

Calendar: If you care as much, you can now pin the Facebook Calendar to the Start screen, instantly displaying any Birthdays through Profile Picture, and we’re told notifications of any birthday wishes, or Events with similar interactions.

Messenger: Believe this madness or not, although you could Pin Messenger to the Start screen, notifications were never sent, now finally Messenger conversations not only toast in, but interact with the Live Tile when large like a Text/IM message with a few line description or 2+ Messages on the Live Tile.

Events: Events can also be pinned to the Start screen with the Event Cover Photo displayed on the Live Tile, failing that the Profile Picture of the Event Creator. News and notifications from Events can also be displayed on the Live Tile too.

Pages: We almost can’t see why this hasn’t been shown more either, despite 3rd party alternatives, their isn’t a ‘Facebook Pages Manager’ on Windows Phone like their is on iOS and Android, but with the latest update, you can now Pin any of your Facebook Pages or anyone else’s to your Start screen with Cover Photo centre stage. If the Page is one you own or operate, you can add Photos, Links and Statuses to the page under the Page itself.

Photo Albums: This one is a bit less important as you can do this with the built in Windows Phone Photos app, but you can Pin Facebook Photo Albums to your Start screen as a shortcut to them, the tile will also flick through the pictures and show the latest one if one is added after you last opened the app.

Facebook Login URI

This is another massive Facebook update, especially for Developers of Games or apps alike, and another active feature in use on iOS, Android and Blackberry 10, Facebook Login URI. How many times have you used a Game or App on Windows Phone that requires Facebook information, you’ve had to be sent to the browser to login in an awkward way, wouldn’t it be great if the app could simply send you to your Facebook app which is already logged in and authorise that way, like on iOS and Android, well finally (when developers use the API) you can now do that on Windows Phone.


In brief I think its fair to say the Facebook app for Windows Phone has more or less finally got there in terms of iOS and Android feature set, but of course done in that Windows Phone way, what an awesome way to cap off 2013, and of course if you’re lucky to see a Windows Phone in your sack from Santa this Christmas you won’t have to experience the pain earlier Windows Phone adopters had to face, so good for you … shame about us like, but still very welcome its fixed. Don’t get us wrong, the app is not perfect yet, but as close as damn it finally!

Download Facebook here for 7.8/8


Download Facebook Beta for 7.8/8

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