Marriland’s Pokemon X Walkthrough – 76 Moltres the Legendary Bird!

Part 76 – Moltress the Legendary Bird!

Marriland’s Pokémon X Walkthrough

Welcome to Marriland’s Pokémon X (& Y) Adventure/Walkthrough! In this episode, I show you all of the steps involved to track down Moltres, or whichever legendary bird you have in your game. The one that appears is based on your starter, with Moltres appearing if you chose Froakie.

Please note that dedicated episodes for the Looker Bureau, the Mega Stone search, the Friend Safari, the Battle Maison, and the Poke Radar will be up later. I just wanted to show Kiloude City without the other stuff that can be done.


Marriland’s Pokémon X Adventure is a video series designed for the Pokémon X & Y Walkthrough on my website, (link further down). As such, each episode will be broken up by area so it is easy to include it along with the written walkthrough.

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are the newest Pokémon games released for the Nintendo 3DS and are the introduction to Generation VI. They include many new Pokémon as well as tons of old Pokémon in the Kalos region.



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