Nokia Lumia x20 Compared = 520, 620, 720, 820, 920 (plus 1020 previewed)

Lumia 520, 620, 720, 820 and 920.

When Nokia first announced they were going to go with Windows Phone as their primary operating system we, for one, was very excited, whilst many doubts at the time, now in their second generation, Windows Phone devices have never looked better than the work from Nokia.

The latest iteration and most popular range of Nokia devices are their x20 range of Lumia devices. Whilst all devices are incredible devices in their own right, which is right for you? Well, nothing’s for everyone, so let’s check them all out and check out the merits of each.

Lumia 520

Lumia 520

Not only the most popular Windows Phone sold in UK since launch, the Lumia 520 is also the lowest priced Windows Phone 8 available as well, but do you pay for the lower cost.

Available from £89, the Lumia 520 gives you the following base specs;

  • 4 inch display (800×480)
  • 5 megapixel rear Camera (720P video recording)
  • 8GB internal with microSD expansion
  • Available in Black, White, Yellow, Cyan and Red
  • 1GHz Dual Core Snapdragon S4 backed up with 512MB RAM.

On paper you’re actually getting an awesome handset from the £89 price point. Problems with the handset include a cheap feeling plastic which does feel, whilst not dreadful, rather noticeable when compared to other phones. The Camera is just a rear one and features no flash, plus 512MB RAM is well and good for running Windows Phone 8, but some games may not be compatible.

Perfect for: The Lumia 520 is a decent back up phone, a decent enough first Windows Phone for those unsure about the platform (a phone to try before spending on a better one)

Lumia 620

Lumia 620

Not only is it our favourite designed Windows Phone by Nokia, the 620 is also an awesome feeling device in the hand as well, plus the device comes in some awesome colours including purple which isn’t in this image. For the buck (from £150) you get the following base specs;

  • 3.8 inch display (800×480)
  • 5 megapixel Camera (different to the 520 one) with LED Flash and 720P Video, VGA Front Facing Camera with 720P video
  • 8GB internal with microSD expansion
  • Availability *including shell attachment colours* in Black, White, Cyan, Pink, Red, Green and Purple
  • NFC
  • 1GHz Dual Core Snapdragon S4 backed up with 512MB RAM

Whilst the phone doesn’t look much better spec wise than the Lumia 520 it actually is, the materials on the Lumia 620 feel great as does the curvature of the device. The availability of changeable shells is also a fantastic addition to the 620 as their available in almost every colour of the rainbow. The phone is also refreshingly small for a Smartphone too, about the same size as an iPhone 4/4S which for some is a real selling point. Whilst the device does suffer from the same 512MB problem which could lead to some higher end Games to not be compatible, this still is a brilliant Windows Phone device.

Perfect for: Those who want a decent Smartphone, but don’t want anything too big and to feel great in the hand. A perfect first phone for Windows Phone with a decent Camera and enough colours to truly make it your own.

Lumia 720

Lumia 720

The Lumia 720 is a funny one, not only does it design wise look a bit too much like an HTC 8X to us, but it also doesn’t seem to have enough differentiations to make it a worthwhile Windows Phone compared to the 620 and 820. We’ll show you the base specs so you get what we mean;

  • 4.3 inch display (800×480) with Corning Gorilla Glass 2
  • 6.7 megapixel Carl Xeiss Optics Camera with LED Flash, 720P video, 1.3 Megapixel Front facing
  • 8GB internal with microSD expansion
  • Available in Black/Cyan, White, Red, Yellow
  • NFC
  • 1GHz Dual Core Snapdragon S4 backed up with 512MB RAM

OK, the phone has Gorilla Glass 2, something the 620 doesn’t (ironically neither does the 820), has a bigger 6.7 megapixel Camera and larger screen, but the 512MB RAM just doesn’t make the phone make sense, so we’d probably recommend the 820 or 620 over the 720 in both design and substance. If you like it, the 720 does offer some good things, but its hard to recommend, still not too bad for a £129 price tag at O2.

Perfect for: Those who wished the HTC 8X was made by Nokia, a phone with a decent camera but aren’t too bothered about not having the bells and whistles.

Lumia 820

Lumia 820

The Lumia 820 is an awesome Windows Phone, not only does the device have some great hardware specs, which we’ll get to in a second, also has a nice curvature, feels pretty good in the hand, not quite as good as the 620 does but good enough, and is available in almost every colour in the rainbow. For prices starting at £319 *in store prices* you get the following base specs;

  • 4.3 inch display (800×480)
  • 8 megapixel Carl Xeiss Optics Camera with LED Flash and 1080P video, VGA Front
  • 8GB internal with microSD expansion
  • Available *including available shells* in Black, White, Grey, Cyan, Red, Yellow and Purple
  • NFC
  • 1.5GHz Dual Core Snapdragon S4 backed up with 1GB RAM
  • Qi Wireless Charging with appropriate shell

On paper an awesome Windows Phone, specs to compete with high end Windows Phones such as processor and decent RAM, plus inclusion of available shells and expandable storage make it a very attractive device. However, the device does have some spec based annoyances especially when compared to the 720, such as no Gorilla Glass protection and a higher megapixel front facing Camera, the processor and RAM luckily makes up for those little niggles.

Perfect for: Someone who wants a great Windows Phone with a good Camera and most specs of the 920, but without the bulk, size and weight plus memory expansion and shells.

Lumia 920

Lumia 920

Here we are, the Lumia 920, the original Lumia Windows Phone 8 Flagship, now with alternative version such as the 925 and 928 available, the Lumia 920 certainly has made a lasting legacy on Windows Phone by being one of the best Smartphone Cameras in low light. The Lumia 920 has an 8.7 Megapixel PureView Camera capable of crystal clear HD video and smooth video and image capture thanks to a built in Optical Image Stabilization. Lumia 920 tends to sell now for around £350-399. The base specs for the 920 are below;

  • 4.5 inch display (1280×768 with PPI of 356) with Corning Gorilla Glass 2
  • 8.7 megapixel PureView Camera with OIS, 1080P video and Dual LED Flash, 1.3 megapixel Front Camera
  • 32GB Internal Storage
  • Available in Black, White, Grey, Red and Yellow
  • NFC
  • 1.5GHz Dual Core Snapdragon S4 backed up with 1GB RAM
  • Qi Wireless Charging

The Lumia 920 does have a few niggles though, the 920 is heavy, the back can not be taken off like the other Lumias shown before the 920 on this page, no expandable storage.

Perfect for: Someone who wants an amazing Camera on a phone with brilliant specs.

Lumia 1020

Lumia 1020

Nokia have just announced their latest x20 series device just this week and we thought it was more than worth talking about. The Lumia 1020 is possibly one of the best ever Smartphone Cameras, not only with 41 Megapixels, but with 6 Zeiss (formerly Carls Zeiss) lenses, Optical Imaging Stabilization and the new Nokia Smart Cam application which combined give Digital SLRs a run for their money, of course in the flesh images will prove how amazing this Camera is. A cover is also available for the Lumia 1020 which makes it not only look like a dedicated Camera, but act and in more ways than one, truly rival them.

  • 4.5 inch display (1280×768 with PPI of 356) with Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • 41 megapixel PureView Camera with OIS and Smart Cam, 1080p zoomable video, Xenon Flash,  2 Megapixel Front*
  • 32GB or 64GB Internal Storage
  • Available in matte Black, Yellow and White
  • NFC
  • 1.5GHz unconfirmed processor, backed up with 2GB RAM
  • Qi Wireless Charging available with Camera Cover or alternative covers

I think it’s fair to say the 1020 takes the spec and definitely Camera crown, the 1020 is also thinner and lighter than the 920 as well which is definitely a boost to the mix.

Currently unavailable, watch this space for pre-orders and UK availability.

Perfect for: The 1020 isn’t for anyone, most maybe better off with a 920 if they want its main specs, but the 1020 really can replace a digital SLR, so definitely perfect for those who take professional and brilliant amateur photos, and maybe for those folk who just have to have the latest tech.


Which Lumia should you buy ??? We can’t possibly tell you which you should definitely get, but one thing you can’t go wrong about, is that you’ll end up with a top class Windows Phone you’re bound to love.

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