Our Best Cydia Repos and Useful Tweaks for 2013

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Every once in a while we all do it, we look down at our iPhone home screen and think is this really it? Well, thankfully you can Jailbreak your device with ease thanks to the latest Evasi0n Jailbreak out at the moment, in seconds your iOS 6 device can be Jailbroken and ready to install the latest tweaks. So, which tweaks do we like and should you check them out.

Well, before we get in to all that, one of the first things you are going to think about is adding some useful and popular Cydia repos that gives you the best jailbreak tweaks to install on your device, well here are some of our recommendations from what we’ve found over the last few weeks.

1. xSellize

2. SiNful iPhone Repo


4-iHackstore Repo


6-Hack Your iPhone Repo

7 Insanelyi

8 Bite Your Apple Repo

9 K3a.Me


10. iClarified


11. iFonetec


12. Boerse


We’re sure there’s loads more, but these are definitely some of the best we’ve found and been using for many of the tweaks shown below.

So, lets get to the Jailbreaks and tweaks themselves, here’s some which we love.

1. AppCent

Why isn’t iOS like this by default, AppCent, available for free in the iHacksRepo, adds a percentage on to your Springboard when you begin installing an application, so instead of showing simply installing, it shows a percentage of how much has been installed instead, very useful for downloading really large apps and games from the App Store.

2. Auxo

Auxo is awesome, Auxo brings more of what should have been to iOS 6, in this case Multitasking. When you bring up the Multitasking pain up after installing Auxo, which is free also in the iHacksRepo, you will see image previews of the last state of that app, you can then swipe down to close individually or if you tap and hold an app, it will ask ‘Do you want to remove all apps from the multitasking tray?’, so useful. But that’s not all, scroll to the left and you’ll find a music player, once again you’ll find shortcuts to the usual suspects, Wi-Fi/3G/Bluetooth etc, all of which can be customised in Settings.

3. Barrel (2)

Everyone loves Barrel and we’re no different, although we’ve found if you want it to work on the iPhone 5 you must search for Barrel 2, we experienced some Safe Mode restarts when attempting to install Barrel. Once you’ve installed Barrel 2, you can then customise how your Springboard transitions through its pages, with some special effects such as the classic (always seems to be used) Curl and Roll Away, although in Barrel 2 we have a new favourite called Vortex, check it out anyway for free in the BiteYourApple Repo.

4. InfiniFolders

You maybe seeing a trend here, all so far are what should be in iOS by default, this is InfiniFolders. Don’t you just hate how in iOS when you add a Folder it stops at 12 (or 16 for iPhone 5) with no ability to add more, this is useless, especially if your on an iPhone with the 12 limit, iOS should allow you to add way more than that with a simple scroll down to view the rest, well that’s exactly what InfiniFolders does, and its available for free in many Repos, but we’ve used the BiteYourApple Repo for our iPhone 5.

5. Octopus Keyboard

Despite been developed before the Z10 was released, this is the easiest way to explain what it does. Octopus Keyboard gives your iPhone the Blackberry 10 keyboard, as you type words with your keyboard, suggestions will appear above certain letters, and if you want to type that word simply swipe up that letter and it will finish off the word for you, the tweak learns what you type to create more valid suggestions based on your typing patterns and previous words typed too, this is one of our favs, however this tweak is not free, costing $4.99 in the K3A.me Repo.

6. KBShortcuts

KBShortcuts is another one of our favourite Keyboard add-ons, this tweak allows you to do the traditional Desktop keyboard shortcuts on your iPhone, except instead of using Command or Control keys, you use your Space bar and drag, for example to select all of some text, Tap and drag the Spacebar to the letter A, to Copy drag to C, paste drag to V etc. All shortcuts can be configured, although if you are unsure what everything does, Drag the Spacebar to the ? symbol and it will tell you in a pop up. KBShortcuts is free in the BiteYourApple Repo.

7. ProTube (2)

ProTube is an add on well known, the original version added a download button to playing videos in the built in YouTube app, in ProTube 2 it works with iOS 5 or 6, with the Google built YouTube app, which must be installed before applying this tweak. ProTube 2 adds a download button in the video playing as well as a Downloads section in the apps sidebar. You can even download every quality available up to 1080 and M4A Audio as an option too, the videos can also be saved to your Camera Roll. ProTube 2 is available for free in many Repos listed. UPDATE: Recently the app has been experiencing errors, if you experience this you’re not alone, hopefully these will be fixed when a later version is released, current version 1.0.4


They may not be tweaks, but its sure good to be able to run emulators on an iPhone finally, whilst none have been updated to support the iPhone 5 display, its awesome to be able to install and run GameBoy Color and Advanced games finally. What’s interesting about these two is they are actually available in the Google Play store for over £3 each, free for iPhone Jailbreakers in the xSellize and BiteYourApple repos.

9. IntelliScreenX

This is a popular one, altho not free either, in fact its a massive $9.99, but with it you can customise the Lock Screen to use the Notification Centre for not only widgets but with a simple gesture, your FaceBook, Twitter and Email feeds will show up as well with built in response tools and more. If you’ve got the money this is available in the BigBossRepo for that rather whoa price of $9.99

10. BytaFont

The iPhone is filled with many things, but all those things are in the same boring font, wouldn’t it be great if you could just change the font and download better ones afterwards, well with BytaFont you can, available for free, just give it a search, this tweak will allow you to edit and change all fonts around your iPhone. Fonts are to installed separately from the app.

11. Zeppelin

Zeppelin is another well used tweak, it allows you to change the Carrier text with a logo of your choice, it’s not a tweak we’re fans of but one we’ve heard requests for, Zeppelin is available for free in the ModMyi Repo, so check it out.

12. Slide My Name

This simple tweak allows you to edit what your unlock slider says, instead of Slide to Unlock, it could say Your iPhone, or whatever your imagination gives you, Slide My Name is available for free in the BigBoss Repo.

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