EE update pricing, now rather reasonable …just about!

If the UK wasn’t far behind with 4G as it is, the network EE certainly are, whilst still not supporting unlimited data in such a network requiring one and one capable of eating up data plans in an hour, EE have responded to some increased pressure by announcing increased data allowances and lower price options … ok, kind of lower ones.

SIM Only

EE previously only offered Sim Only plans limited to £21 a month with a slightly not as pathetic data cap of 1GB (all plans include unlimited calls and texts), whereas now the cheapest is £15.99 and ups the anti to 5GB.

EE have also finally added a 30 day rollover contract and 24 month Sim Only plans with much more reasonable price points and data.

Why they have a 500MB limit no one knows, OK its hard to use up on 3G, but on 4G, the increased speed and fluidity of mobile web and temptations to use catch up services and YouTube more often and in higher quality, just make such a tiny limit rather ridiculous. Personally, the quicker O2, Vodafone and especially Three get 4G the better, we’ve been seeing much more positives about their 4G networks across Europe.

24 and 12 month contracts

The only major changes in contracts are the increased data for your money, existing and starting out EE customers will notice changes in their plans based on the original data rate they chose. 2GB > 3GB, 3GB > 5GB and 5GB goes all the way up to 8GB, which whilst isn’t unlimited its the compromise we’ll have to adhere to.


Ok, we’ll be honest, EE do have a reasonable 4G network, be it limited to certain cities, which is just what 3G was like on launch. We’re getting pretty impressive speeds and all that side of things is positive. But the data caps are quite frankly embarrassing, but it’s what’s to be expected from being the only one, competition drives price and value, and whilst EE are the only 4G network, this just isn’t going to happen. Remember Vodafone UK early 3G rates?

Check out the EE Press statement below in it’s full glory.

EE Press Statement 28/11/2012


·       Updated 4GEE Mobile Broadband plans offer more inclusive data for the same price, for new and existing customers
·       New SIM only plans, 30 day plans and 24 month plans offer customers greater choice with increased data allowances
28th November, 2012, London – EE, the UK’s most advanced digital communications company, today announced updates to its 4GEE Mobile Broadband offering, increasing data allowance on plans and launching a range of new options to give customers more choice.
More data, same price
The 4GEE Mobile Broadband plans now include data allowances increased by around 60%, with no rise in monthly fee. The 2GB plan now becomes a 3GB allowance, with the 3GB plan increasing to 5GB, and the 5GB allowance now extending to 8GB. All existing 4GEE customers will be automatically upgraded to the new data allowances, with no increase in their monthly fee, allowing them to get more out of superfast 4G at no extra cost.
More plans, more choice
EE is also launching a range of new 4GEE Mobile Broadband plans to offer customers greater choice. A new one month SIM only plan offers 5GB of data for £15.99, with the first month free for customers signing up before 23rd December. Customers wishing to include a 4GEE Dongle or Mobile Wi-Fi device can choose from 30 day plans, or 18 and 24 month plans, starting at £12.99 per month for 1GB.
Pippa Dunn, Chief Marketing Officer – Consumer, EE, said:
“These updates underline our commitment to offering customers the best value and choice from our plans. We recognise Superfast 4GEE opens up a range of possibilities for our customers from browsing to gaming to HD movie streaming so it’s right that we increase the breadth of our plans to meet everyone’s needs.  And customers signing up to our £15.99 5GB SIM only plan get great value whether they’re on 4G or 3G, and they will receive their first month free.”

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