Everything Everything – Kemosabe Single Review

Everything Everything are a UK band known for their unique sound and have a very loyal fanbase circulating around the UK and Europe, whilst the band have never had their big break we’re hoping second album ‘Ark’ can finally give them that break they truly deserve. Their first album ‘Man Alive’ got an impressive 4.5 / 5 from us and if first single ‘Cough Cough (Review score: 5/5)’, and now this single ‘Kemosabe’, we really can’t wait for ‘Ark’ now.

First Impression

Kemosabe is a word that means ”faithful friend’, although has many meanings in the native American language, but in this case its the name of the incredible second single from Everything Everything’s upcoming second album Arc, and it’s definitely a song we can’t get off the repeat button since we first heard it.

The song kicks off with a vocal effect flying around and a funky beat that reminds you that you’re listen to Everything Everything. The song bring back the pop sound that Everything Everything seem to just bring out with the littlest effort, and then the chorus kicks in and you really are left in awe, its so funky.

Now, admittedly, we are insane fans of Everything Everything, and we’re going to try and make this review as impartial as possible. Kemosabe is a song that won’t be new to fans of Everything Everything who have seen them live recently however as it has gained a prime slot in their recent live shows, and listening to the studio its easy to see why, it’s just such a good classic pop song, it get’s you dancing on your feet, it’s catchy as it gets, what more do you want?


Kemosabe, following Cough Cough, is definitely the truest sign to anyone that Everything Everything are back on true form, and we really can’t wait to get our hands on Arc now, unfortunately 2013 is the year for that at the moment. Kemosabe is a pop gem, dare we say it could even top their debut (re-issue form) single MY KZ UR BF. Now we understand as much as anyone that Everything Everything are a marmite band, you either get them or don’t, but if you are a fan of Everything Everything you’d be mad to pass out possibly their best single to date!


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