RIM finally Blackberry 10 release date of January 30th 2013

RIM (Research In Motion) plans to finally introduce its new line of BlackBerry 10 smartphones on January 30, unless of course we see another delay, the company said on Monday, giving investors a measure of confidence that the long-awaited devices are nearing completion. RIM was once a one-time pioneer in the smartphone industry, is bettingContinue reading “RIM finally Blackberry 10 release date of January 30th 2013”

Everything Everything – Kemosabe Single Review

Everything Everything are a UK band known for their unique sound and have a very loyal fanbase circulating around the UK and Europe, whilst the band have never had their big break we’re hoping second album ‘Ark’ can finally give them that break they truly deserve. Their first album ‘Man Alive’ got an impressive 4.5Continue reading “Everything Everything – Kemosabe Single Review”

Nokia Lumia 920 passes drop test with ease!

Here is a rather painful video to watch, but rest assured, the Nokia Lumia 920 makes it out alive, if not completely unscathed. In the video the phone is dropped from waist, chest and eventually ear height, and seems to do better and better the higher it is dropped from, with progressive less damage. IfContinue reading “Nokia Lumia 920 passes drop test with ease!”