Microsoft Surface Pro to compete heavily with Apple’s MacBook Air

 Surface Prices Microsoft today have confirmed the release date for the Pro version of the Microsoft Surface, and one thing we found straight away about the Microsoft Surface Pro, specifically the 128GB version, was just how well it competes against Apple’s higher standard configuration 11 inch MacBook Air. Check out the specifications of both below.*Continue reading “Microsoft Surface Pro to compete heavily with Apple’s MacBook Air”

RIM loses patents battle with Nokia, could be forced to remove Wi-Fi from Blackberry Devices

RIM, the maker of the highly declining Blackberry smartphone range, has today lost a major patents battle with Nokia. RIM will have to do one of two rather major things for the company to sort the patents problems out! In a statement Nokia had this to say about their patent win Nokia and RIM agreedContinue reading “RIM loses patents battle with Nokia, could be forced to remove Wi-Fi from Blackberry Devices”

EE update pricing, now rather reasonable …just about!

If the UK wasn’t far behind with 4G as it is, the network EE certainly are, whilst still not supporting unlimited data in such a network requiring one and one capable of eating up data plans in an hour, EE have responded to some increased pressure by announcing increased data allowances and lower price optionsContinue reading “EE update pricing, now rather reasonable …just about!”

Windows Phone 8 Tips: What do them top icons mean?

If you are one of the new Windows Phone users and you’ve been not only figuring out sliding down from the top brings hidden icons, but struggling to find out what they mean, Nokia has been kind enough to create a very handy guider for all Windows Phone users to check out. The guide asContinue reading “Windows Phone 8 Tips: What do them top icons mean?”

Nokia Lumia 920 Review

First Impressions It’s hard not to talk about the Lumia 920 without comparing it to its younger sibling, the Lumia 800, especially as they’ve so much in common! For starters, the Lumia 800 was Nokia’s first entrance in to Windows Phone 7.5, and the Lumia 920 is the first one in Windows Phone 8, andContinue reading “Nokia Lumia 920 Review”

Pokemon 1540 – Iris and the Rogue Dragonite Pokemon Black and White: Rival Destinies Episode 1540 – Iris and the Rogue Dragonite! Episode Description; An evil lurks over the ocean, as a Dragonite battles fiercely with a Hydreigon, until it finally collapses over a Power Plant. Meanwhile Ash and the others encounter a power loss in Cynthias villa, and decide to helpContinue reading “Pokemon 1540 – Iris and the Rogue Dragonite”