Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 UK Availability

Nokia Lumia 920, and its brother, the 820, are probably two of the most high profile Windows Phone devices ever, not to mention Nokia’s main bet on making it back in the profit margins again, so it seems pretty surprising that the devices are rather hard to get hold off or even reserve after allContinue reading “Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 UK Availability”

Samsung ATIV S review confirms best smartphone for SunSpider

GSMArena posted a detailed 11 page review of the Samsung ATIV S. Amongst their various benchmarks they were able to confirm that Windows Phone 8 simple dominates the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark, beating the iPhone 5, Galaxy Note II, and the HTC One X amongst many others. They also noted that the camera was of theContinue reading “Samsung ATIV S review confirms best smartphone for SunSpider”

Marriland White 2 English Walkthrough – Part 116

Marriland’s White 2 English Walkthrough Episode 116 – P2 Lab Welcome to Marriland’s Pokemon White 2 Adventure! In this episode, I check out the P2 Lab and fight against the Scientist that created Genesect. After beating him, you can get two of the four Drives that change the type of Genesect’s Techno Blast attack (youContinue reading “Marriland White 2 English Walkthrough – Part 116”