Marriland White 2 English Walkthrough – Part 96

Marriland’s White 2 English Walkthrough

Episode 96 – Cresselia + Marvelous Bridge

Welcome to Marriland’s Pokemon White 2 Adventure! In this episode, I head east of Nimbasa City and Route 16 onto the previously inaccessible Marvelous Bridge, where I find a guy looking to sell a Magikarp for 500 Poke Dollars, as well as the legendary Pokemon, Cresselia. Cresselia can be encountered on the bridge ONLY if you have gotten the Lunar Wing in the Strange House outside of Reversal Mountain. Its Moonlight makes it rather difficult to catch, since it heals its HP back up by half each time it uses it, making weakening it ineffective. If you were to use your Master Ball on a legendary, Cresselia is probably your best bet, due to how annoying Moonlight is.

Pokemon White 2 (and Black 2) is the sequel to the original Pokemon Black and White games, taking place in Unova two years after the first games. They are not just remakes, but are entirely new games with new storylines.

This video series will be broken up into episodes by location, so if a route or area is short, hey, the episode will be a little short, but that way they will be easier to include in my walkthrough on my website and should make it easier to find the stuff you’re looking for!

Looking for a full written walkthrough of Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 to help you through your game? Check out the one I’ve written on my website to help you out!

Additionally, if you want to know what any Pokemon learn, what their stats are, where to find them, and want to know their Move Tutor moves, you can figure all of that stuff out on my website’s Pokedex!

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