New Milestone: Over 1,000 Posts of Content on RKUK Media


Today, RKUK Media has reached an all new milestone, topping 1,000 in posts of content available on the RKUK Media website, this is not including pages, this is pure content!

1,000 posts equates to;

269 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson posts

266 Ben’s Blog posts

223 The Tech Show posts

144 Marriland posts

57 Pokemon Black and White posts

38 announcements (not including this one)

19 music reviews

*Content not included in the 1,000 count. Pages (including navigation and Rex), this post itself, and content posted after 7th October 2012 8PM UK Time.

In a statement, RKUK Media CEO said

This is just an incredible milestone for us to reach an insane 1,000 posts on RKUK Media, a website which changed completely after a transition from Music just a couple of years ago, to a website today which is striving with content from all categories. Today, RKUK Media operates on a more than daily basis delivering content thats current, thats new, and what we hope, is entertaining and compelling to our users, and all we’ve got to say out of all this is, first of all thank you to the 10s of thousands of people that have been checking out our posts this year alone, and here’s to next 1,000!

Published by RKUK Media

RKUK Media ia a corporation based in West Yorkshire, UK. The web-based company now contains hundreds of technology and entertainment posts for anyone to enjoy at a non profit level.

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