R.I.P Steve Jobs/The Future of Apple – Honest Thoughts


A year ago today news broke that Steve Jobs had died of Pancreatic Cancer. Tributes were left on the Apple site and many people flocked to Apple stores to show there respects to one of the greatest innovators in the 21st century.

Today I was in the Apple store, I saw no tributes of Steve about however I was on a Mac Pro and randomly decided to go onto the Apple website and came across a tribute video to Steve Jobs. A few Apple workers stood behind me to watch it [or maybe they were checking to see if I wasnt doing anything i shouldnt be, and honestly? I was fighting back tears. I still cant accept that he has gone. I know it sounds stupid but its true, [Even if I talk about him I sometimes feel a sense of emotion.] After the video me and the workers were just looking at each other helpless. Then I proceeded to leave the store trying to take my mind off it.

But the question which enters my mind is “Will Apple really survive long without Steve?”.

Here are a few points and opinions of mine of how I think it probably wont:

  • iOS interface bland
  • OS X – Going the same way as iOS – Notification Centre, Game Centre etc etc
  • The iPhone 5.

I’ll start off with the iOS interface. The interface has been exactly the same since iOS was released and to be honest… It’s getting boring. The same four rows, the same icons, the same structure. It’s not as pleasing to the eye anymore. And what is going on with the Maps? If Steve was alive today there would be no way that iOS 6 or maybe just Maps would be released while its in its current state. Tim Cook the current CEO has even suggested competitors Map Software as an alternative. Eg. Nokia Maps. I mean really Tim? Why would you want to recommend something from one of your biggest rivals. Steve would not stand for this.

Second up is OS X. Why oh why is this becoming more iOS? I mean dont get me wrong some of the features like Notifcation Centre is quite handy. But still.. It’s just pretty pointless. I remember back when I had my 2006 MacBook on SL. The OS ran smoothly. But since all these iOS features added into Lion and Mountain Lion, it runs really bad. Leave the OS as an OS and leave iOS as iOS. These features are not important in an Operating System imo.

And finally the iPhone 5. I know this is not down to Steve but still. What the hell? I had the oppertunity to have a look at one today and the only diference is that its lighter than the iPhone 4S. (I held both the iPhone 5 and my sisters iPhone 4S) and that the screen is taller. It’s the same boring iOS though. I am far from suprised that Apple fans are steering clear from this device. How is iOS going to succeed when the likes of Windows Phone are constantly making there OS more exciting to the eye?

I know what your thinking, your thinking Could Apple be slowly going down hill??

TheTechShow SubmissionSubmitted: October 5th 2012

Claire Wortley (via TechRex)

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