Could EEs 4G launch also coinside with Lumia 920

Everything Everywhere, the 4G LTE network merger that brings Orange and T-Mobile in to one network, is expected to launch its 4G LTE network in 10 cities and rollout in more from the 30th October 2012.

Joining the release of the new 4G network in the UK, EE are obviously going to have to release some devices to run on the new network, and in this press shot from EE there’s definitely some surprises in there!


Whilst not mentioned in the statement, the existing iPhone 5 will also run on Everything Everywhere 4G LTE network, and anyone on Orange or T-Mobile will be able to receive the service.


Samsung are to be releasing a new version of the Galaxy S III variant, like the US AT&T variant compatible with the 4G service.


Huawei will play a rather big part in EE launch, as whilst they are launching a 4G Android phone, they are also launching two dongles to hook computers up to the network as well.


HTC are to take steps similar to Samsung, and release a 4G variant device for the network too, whilst both networks currently have the OneX, HTC are to release a 4G compatible One XL. The device is however expected to offer some more differentiations from the OneX.


Now, Nokia is the big one for us. Nokia is expecting to rollout both the Lumia 820 and the highly anticipated Lumia 920 on the 4G LTE network, which could see the devices arrive on UK shores on October 30th, and that is something we are incredibly excited about!


Overall we don’t know whether all the devices will be available on the day of launch or just as pre-orders, or both, but what we do know is this is great news for UK mobile customers, lets just hope the prices remain competitive.

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