Nokia ‘Switch to Lumia’ event overview

NOKIA yesterday hosted a Switch to Lumia conference as part of NOKIA World in the great US to announce new Windows Phone 8 announcements and hardware. The event was to be the only one of the day, prior to rumours of a separate Nokia and Microsoft event.


Nokia CEO kicked off Nokia’s ‘Switch to Lumia’ by explaining how they needed to be truly involved in what Stephen Elop constantly calls ‘the war of ecosystems’, and how they’re so proud of the Windows Phone platform and how each Nokia Windows Phone has won awards. China has become the largest Windows Phone market leader. Nokia also highlighted their ‘Asha’ range of Smartphones, phones, phones which feature some high end smartphones capabilities but now on some really low cost devices.

NOKIA Lumia 920

Jo Harlow came on stage to talk about some major new features in their new Windows Phone 8 devices, even though she was clearly holding it before it was introduced, but hey. After a highly over dramatic video, out came the device most had been waiting for, Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone 8 device, the Nokia Lumia 920, “the most innovative smartphone in the world” apparently, luckily available in other colours than yellow.


The phone features what Nokia call PureMotion HD+, which basically means its higher res than HD display, 1280×768. Whats incredible about this display is its improved refresh rates, higher than HD resolution and a massive 332PPI, thats higher than the iPhone Retina Display of 326ppi! The phone also features ClearBlack and the curved glass as found originally on the Lumia 800.


The Lumia 920 also features PureView in its camera, whilst not 41 megapixel, the camera still has some insane features that definitely make the camera one to really look out for. Nokia highlighted problems with lighting control and blurring in shooting pictures that can now be resolved in the Lumia 920 PureView camera thanks to its floating lens, which prevents blur in pictures and vastly improves stabilisation, whether in video or stills.

Nokia Navigation Suite

Nokia highlighted their vastly improved navigation suite. Nokia Maps will work offline, Nokia were quick to highlight this is not caching, this is official offline mapping. Nokia Drive was also mentioned, as well as Nokia Transport, which is expected to have much more covered areas. The highlight of Nokia’s navigation suite in my opinion has to be Nokia City Lens, which is finally making it to Windows Phone. City Lens allows you to take your Smartphones camera and simply lift your phone and it will annotate buildings around you with what they are and ratings using augmented reality, you can tap on them to get information as if you searched for that very place, just incredible technology, something we really envied back in its Symbian days.

The Nokia Lumia 920 will feature a 2,000 m/a battery with a 1.5Ghz Smapdragon S4 Dual Core processor, which is not only incredible powerful but power efficient. Speaking of power, the Lumia 920 will have Wireless Charging, Nokia introduced many accessories to make wireless charging easier to use and so much more convenient. A cushion was introduced, a dock like stand, headphones, a dock and so much more was introduced, most of which include NFC, which just makes the accessories just incredibly wireless and useful. Nokia has also partnered with Virgin Atlantic Airlines and even a Coffee Shop to offer Wireless Charging in the public.

Windows Phone 8

Joe Belfiore of Microsoft came on stage to talk about some features of Windows Phone 8 yet mentioned. The key focus of Joe’s demonstration was the Camera, which was a bit of a let down, but Joe did say that he was to announce more in the coming months, eek, coming months?

Start Screen

The new Start screen was demoed, pretty standard demo of how everything now can be transformed in to either of the small, medium or large tile sizes, this will be great as finally you can make the Calendar and Photos medium as it annoyed me being large, or is that just me. One thing that was nice to note, even the small tiles still show notifications visibly, which is great.


Apps were covered next, highlighting the shared core with Windows 8, and how Native Code could really make app creation so much easier. Every Windows Phone 7 app will run on Windows Phone 8 which was really no doubt to me. A CNN app was demoed through the Live Tiles that supported the new large tile and how it could really take advantage of that tile size with much more information and more.

Internet Explorer 10

Two features of Internet Explorer 10 were demoed, didn’t really show much, but the refresh next to the address bar can now be made in to a ‘Favourite’ or ‘Tabs’ button. Second was a demo of Touch HTML5.

When Joe finished talking about IE10, Joe opened the neater looking Pictures hub and created a Screenshot, which can be taken by tapping the Start button and Lock button at the same time. Joe Belfiore then shared that to his @joebelfiore Twitter page, but whilst he was doing it another feature was noticed by many. Window Phone 8 keyboard now features technology that estimates what your next word could be.

Camera Enhancements

Joe demoed some new Camera features in Windows Phone 8 starting with pinch to zoom now in the Camera viewer. Thanks to the + and – not been in the viewer much more can be added to the layout, such as quick zoom option button, and a feature called Lenses. The awesome thing about Lenses is it allows other applications to use your Camera, Bing Vision of course is there by default, but 3rd party applications can create others for this, which is really rather awesome! Microsoft have also finally brough Photosynth to Windows Phone. SkyDrive will also finally be able to support full resolution uploads.

More on Lumia 920

Kevin Shields came on stage to talk about the design of the Lumia 920. The Lumia 920 will also be available in not only Yellow, but Red, Gray, Black and White. The material on the phone is also much more improved, and apparently nearly impossible to scratch.


The Lumia 920 has a pretty awesome LCD, 25% brighter than the competition and 2.5x faster than anything shipping today. The most incredible feature of the Lumia 920 is its display technology that allows the phone to also be used by gloves or anything else.

Wireless Charging and NFC

Next was Wireless Charging and NFC, the charging plate, as Nokia called it was demoed. The ‘JBL Power Up’ was demoed, which whilst having some issues originally finally worked, which using NFC allows music to be sent to the JBL Power Up by simply tapping the device, sit your phone on the top and it will charge. The demo was done using Nokia Music, but works with other apps too, and Nokia announced that Nokia Music will finally be coming to the USA. All accessories will be available for purchase upon the Lumia 920 launch.

Kevin then demoed two apps, Nokia City Lens, which even when indoors you can still see places outdoors, which is rather incredible to be honest, and Angry Birds Roost, which bring news and so much more about Rovio and all of the Angry Birds Games, missing ones coming soon.

Smart Shoot

Another Lens was demoed by Kevin, Smart Shoot. Smart Shoot is pretty awesome as it allows you to take an image and remove things in the way, which is pretty cool. Another feature added was the ability to add more “emotion” to an image, essentially animation. One thing I did like about this particular demo was not only the awesome looking Black Nokia Lumia 920, but that ALL the new features Nokia based software will be coming to existing Nokia Lumia devices, although no information about new Games or Applications.

NOKIA Lumia 820

Features and 920 comparisons

Whilst the Lumia 920 does look incredible, Nokia also introduced their second phone, the Nokia Lumia 820. The phone has a 4.3 inch display, compared to the 4.5 inch on the 920, but has the same Windows Phone 7 resolution of 800×480 display resolution, but by the sound of it thats all you are missing. The phone has interchangeable back cases, which expose the battery and microSD card slot, which the 920 does not have. The Lumia 820 will support up to 32GB of microSD on top of the 8GB on board, whilst the 920 will simply feature 32GB internal memory. The Lumia 820 also features Wireless Charging but only with certain back covers. The cameras on both feature 1080p video capture from their 8megapixel PureView and 5 megapixel cameras. Both devices will have LTE/HSDPA+ varients and the same 1.5GHz Dual Core processor.

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer ended the keynote with a summary.

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