Muse – Madness (Single Review)

Introduction Madness is kinda just that really, madness! The song kicks off with a very simplistic drum beat that keeps through the entire song, with ascents of ‘Undisclosed Desires’ at the start, but Muse fans don’t fear, the highly expected epicness begins in the middle, just like on Olympic single Survival (review here), and thatsContinue reading “Muse – Madness (Single Review)”

Marriland White 80 – White Forest

Marriland’s Pokemon White Adventure White Forest In this episode, I check out some of the things in White Forest and add a few familiar additions to my team! ————– I’ll be continuing the White Post-Game series until the release of Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 in English, on October 7th (North America; it’s OctoberContinue reading “Marriland White 80 – White Forest”

Marriland White 79 – Route 15 + Poke Transfer Lab

Marriland’s Pokemon White Adventure Route 15 + Poke Transfer Lab In this episode, I cross the Marvelous Bridge, explore Route 15, and check out the Poke Transfer Lab! Using the Poke Transfer Lab, you can transfer Pokemon from your 4th Generation games to Black and White. You need to have 2 DS systems in orderContinue reading “Marriland White 79 – Route 15 + Poke Transfer Lab”

Marriland White 78 – Seeking the Seven Sages

Marriland’s Pokemon White Adventure Seeking the Seven Sages In this episode, I show you where to find each and every one of the remaining six of the Seven Sages. Each one rewards you with a TM before they’re caught by Looker. Please note that some of the footage in this is from Episode 76 andContinue reading “Marriland White 78 – Seeking the Seven Sages”

Marriland White 76 – Volcarona & the Relic Castle

Marriland’s Pokemon White Adventure Volcarona & the Relic Castle RETURN OF THE REGULAR B/W SERIES In this episode, after beating the game, I return to Nuvema Town to meet up with my friends as well as a rather interesting fellow, then set off for the Relic Castle to capture a very useful Pokemon to helpContinue reading “Marriland White 76 – Volcarona & the Relic Castle”

Marriland Black 2 – Part 53

Marriland’s Pokémon Black 2 Japanese Adventure Part 53 Route 17 + Route 18 In this episode, I swim through Route 17 and then fight against some challenging Trainers on Route 18 on my way to the P2 Lab. NOTE: Unfortunately, after recording almost an hour of live commentary using my usual method for Black 2,Continue reading “Marriland Black 2 – Part 53”

Apple Stock won’t stop growing, becomes Most Valuable Publicly-Traded Stock Ever

Closes at: 660.41 ($618.94BN) Milestones for Apple’s stock are falling rapidly in recent days, with another strong performance today pushing Apple past Microsoft for the title of most valuable publicly-trade stock ever, a distinction Microsoft has held since December 1999. Microsoft’s market capitalization peaked on December 30, 1999, reaching an intraday high of $119.94 perContinue reading “Apple Stock won’t stop growing, becomes Most Valuable Publicly-Traded Stock Ever”