Marriland Black 2 – Genesect Wi-Fi Event (Japanese)

Marriland’s Pokémon Black 2 Japanese Adventure

Genesect Wi-Fi Event

(HELPFUL STUFF IN DESCRIPTION!) Here’s a look at the 649th Pokemon: Genesect! This is the final Pokemon in the 5th Generation Pokedex. It is only available on Japanese versions of Black 2 and White 2 as of the time of this video, and only from August 11th to September 14th, 2012.

The first 8 minutes show the process of getting Wi-Fi set up properly in Japanese. You can skip to 8:00 to jump directly to the Genesect action (Mystery Gift, P2 Lab, etc.), but I figure some of you may need a reminder of stuff.

Having trouble with your router? I CANNOT HELP (there are too many routers/configurations out there). But here’s a helpful link that may point you in the right direction:
» That also has error codes and what they mean, so look those up to help diagnose your problems.

Also try:
• or
• to see which connects to your router (Google your router’s model to find the default username/password in case you need to get into it)

THIS EVENT IS FOR JAPANESE VERSIONS OF BLACK 2 AND WHITE 2 ONLY! NO INTERNATIONAL EVENT HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED (as of 8/15/12), so please don’t ask “when is it coming in __(country)__” or it will just make you look silly, because no one knows. Probably 2013.

Also, if you haven’t beaten the game yet, you might be unable to see Genesect on Mystery Gift (I wasn’t able to on one of my versions).

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