Where’s the blog been?

Now I know what you are thinking, Ben you’re not dead, damn! And yes thats true unfortunately for you, OK I think its pretty much common knowledge, something else thats common knowledge, almost, that I haven’t posted a single blog post since what seems like years now, yeah I know you haven’t noticed, but … STOP IT!!! But hey, I’m here now to try and give you some sort of perspective on the main reasons why!

How’ve you been?

Well might as well update you on things thought since my last post briefly. College wise, I’ve finished the first year and awaiting to get on to the second, love the postal service. I’m waiting on Finance to process correct, love the finance service, and all that good stuff.

Which of course means we’re in the amazing lengthy process of the holidays, which is a pretty funny thing itself when you think about it. When you’re young you always wish upon changing the two day weekend and 5 day school days around, thats been done for me in College, and yes its awesome, but you also want like the longest holidays in the world, and of course in school you get that awesome 6 weeks, but I dunno, must be (realistic terms) be about 12 and a half weeks we get in HE, and its starting to drag in many levels. Now, I know what you’re thinking, Ben, why would a holiday where you can do what you like with no important formal thing to force you out of bed exists, well thats the thing isn’t it, what? I’ll explain. When you’re young, your happy walking down to your closest friends house and “playing out” in the hols, and you could repeat that forever and still manage to find something fun to do, when your not, you need money, and thats the topic of why its dragging really, especially when my number 1 interest and most important thing to me is money away from me at the moment.

Number 1 most important thing? Oh please go on… I dunno

Well obviously its been a bluddy long time since my last blog, in fact its been over 5 months since my last blog where I was talking about how well my relationship with Claire is going, and I’m happy to say its most definitely still going on, better than ever to be honest, but of course good things come at a price … well in this case, good things live at a price, not that she’s on some kinda pay by the hour thing, that would just be weird, you know what I mean, she lives afar, and at an awkward area too, and when moneys hard to fatham (take that Yorkshire folk) it can be really annoying, I mean we’ve had to budget when we see each other, but at the same time whilst its tough, as everyone says it really has made us stronger and I think we’re closer than ever before, well I know we are, all I’m thinking about is when we next see each other and can be together! … yeah sorry about the soppyness.

What have you got to tell us then?

Well, now we’ve done with the negatives, being money, it has been an awesome year this one, and since my last post, had many trips out with the irreplaceable, you’ve gotta love em friends of mine, I mean you can’t replace them, there something, talking to you Grandad Lee, but no, some awesome times and laughs out, although me, Lee, Kai and Jess have sadly had to discover how bad Rob’s feet smell, yeahh, but yeah! Rob, who is finally single again, yeah got rid of the litter as my actual Grandad says, accurate description too, oosh!

I also appear to have had some sort of tech opposite in the recent months, what can I say, used to love Macs and the iPhone I carry, but then Windows 8 came along, the Microsoft Surface, and now Windows Phone 8 is coming and I’m actually loving them more, shame to say it but think Apple’s done with innovating for now, Microsofts got the batten again, but hey, who cares, whichevers best in tech I’ll embrace.

Blur, what more can I say, I mean since my last blog they’ve released their first single in years, ‘Under The Westway’, which has an awesome b-side, won a Brit Award, performed tonnes of gigs including many never done live before songs, and of course just recently with the Olympics, closed the ceremony at Hyde Park with quite possibly one of their best gigs, so yeah, Blur. Performance of which, Parklive, I’m probably gonna end up getting on DVD later in the year, as well as Blur21.

And thats about all I’ve got to tell you, if I stay brief!

Woah, hang on a minute, 5 month delay? Come on

Alright, alright, imaginary thing talking to me! Now, the excuse I normally give to delayed blogs (usually month max) is laziness or nothing happening, which yeah kinda in some levels, but no, the main reason why I’ve been, well, not been, blogging heavily on my personal blog is of two reasons.

1. I wanted to focus on other aspects of RKUK Media and it took up most of my spare time …. OK, small reason but kinda in some levels

2. Yeah the big main reason is, there’s something big coming soon in my life that has been on my mind more than anything else in this world these last couple of months and will be until it happens, thats all I’m gonna say and can say for now, but its really overtaken my mind, but all will be revealed when it happens, so watch this space!

So, yeah!

And thats about it, just thought I’d finally give an update, didn’t want to go over a handful of months, I will be blogging more over the next weeks, updating you on stuff like the good ol’ days, so until then, I’ll keep you posted, but for now

E-Ya Later!

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My name is Ben and I'm an extreem randomist and I think because of this all my friends are too. In spare time I make videos with friends on YT and more for RKUK Online. It's all epic!

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