Marriland Black and White 2 – Elite Four on Challenge Mode

Marriland’s Pokémon Black and White 2 Japanese

Elite Four (Challenge Mode)

Battling the Elite Four (first battle) on CHALLENGE MODE, which ups their Pokemon’s levels, the strength of their moves, and even gives them an extra Pokemon, making the fight much more challenging.

I’ll take on the Champion in the next video (broke it up into two because the fights were quite a bit longer), which I’ll have up later today.

You unlock Challenge Mode after beating Black 2, and you can then activate it immediately, or, even more fun, you can send the Challenge Mode Key via IR to another copy of Black 2 and White 2 (you still keep the original, don’t worry!), so you can start a new game with Challenge Mode already activated. (Beating White 2 gives you Assist Mode instead, which weakens the Trainers in the game and makes it easier.)

I’ll be continuing the following video series starting in August (2012):
• Pokemon Black 2 Post-Game
• Pokemon Conquest
• Pokemon White Post-Game
• Minecraft

The following series will be put on hold until one or more of those other series are complete:
• Pokemon SoulSilver
• Pokemon Yellow
• Any NEW video series (Emerald, etc.)Also, be sure to check out my website for a Pokedex for Pokemon Black 2 & White 2, as well as much, much more! Website: Pokedex: Twitter: Facebook: Forums:

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