NOKIA continues to expand Map Coverage with Indoor Maps

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Image provided by NOKIA.

Nokia today announced the continued expansion of Destination Maps, its indoor mapping service. Nokia has now mapped 4605 venues of shopping malls, retail stores, airports, and transit hubs in 38 countries. Also Nokia claimed that even though other providers may have indoor map offerings with a large number of venues mapped, Destination Maps are not just the average 2D floor plans that can be viewed on a device.

Nokia Destination Maps content enables a full end-to-end experience, making the exploration and discovery of indoor places more realistic. Further, Destination Maps include a wealth of interior map attributes, like escalators, floor levels, ATMS and restrooms. Including these important points allows for more advanced and accurate guidance and routing.

Nokia also revealed that they are adding Destination Maps to Nokia Maps service so that we will be able to find them on Nokia devices soon. Microsoft’s Bing Maps team also announced their indoor maps offering last month which is based on this same Nokia Destination maps data.

If anything, Nokia Destination Maps offers a real competitor to Googles just announced similar project too, which was mainly announced for Android 4.1 Jellybean, given that Nokia’s mapping technology is at the forefront of Windows Phone 8, the two platforms really are set to be the leaders in mapping technology, something where Apple’s new Maps for iOS 6 is already falling very short.

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