New productions with Who Meeee????

Who Me?????

RKUK Media are set to unleash an all new sections to RKUK Media to broaden the reach of viewers and visitors to RKUK Media.

RKUK Media is committed to delivering the best content to the RKUK website as well as keeping up our target audiences, and by launching and building on one of the strengths of RKUK Media at the moment, we think this is only set to improve the RKUK Media experience for many of the RKUK Media visitors to come.

RKUK Media are set to increase momentum on Childrens Entertainment on RKUK Media, whilst currently dominated by Pokémon Black and White, RKUK Media are introducing their own production, inspired by Toy Story character Rex, but what?

Inspired by Me?

Two new productions are in production and will be coming to an all new section RKUK Media decicated for children, the first to be called ‘The Series of meee?’, an episode and series based program full of utter randomness and extra characters expected too. The second is to be a vlog series ‘Life of meeee????’, which will allow you to follow through the random life the characters lead.

The productions will be filmed, written and created by both Ben Hanson and Claire Wortley, who together will be bringing the series online. Filming of the shows will be done in the UK around many locations.

Are you excited about the new productions, if so stand by because it won’t be long until it comes, the first instalment of The Series of Meeee hits RKUK Media.

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