Blur perform new double A-Side ‘Under The Westway’ live on Twitter (UPDATED)

Blur perform Under The Westway/The Puritan Live on Twitter

Video: Blur performing Under The Westway and The Puritan on Twitter Live Stream.

Blur have released their first single since 2009 release Fools Day, and the single Under The Westway, featuring double A-Side The Puritan is now available to download on iTunes (link below). Each songs are available for 99p each or £1.49 for both.

Quick song Reviews

 = Under The Westway is a pure ballad by Blur, one which many have been calling the companion to For Tomorrow. The song delves in a very piano led way and, in a calm way, tells the story of the song, with some beautiful lyrics such as ‘for the way I feel about you, paradise not lost its in you’, the song is set to be another Blur classic

 = The Puritan shows a new side of Blur, this was apparently written by Graham Coxon mainly, and has a much more, dare we say, Gorillaz sounding sound to it for a Blur song, but a great song none the less. The song does fall in to that trap of being a grower and we’re not so keen on the intro, but once the song kicks in you’ll be waiting for that build up throughout after ‘for every little thing that fashion gives you’.

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