New productions with Who Meeee????

Who Me????? RKUK Media are set to unleash an all new sections to RKUK Media to broaden the reach of viewers and visitors to RKUK Media. RKUK Media is committed to delivering the best content to the RKUK website as well as keeping up our target audiences, and by launching and building on one ofContinue reading “New productions with Who Meeee????”

Could Windows 8 tempt you at $40?

  Microsoft announced today that Windows 8 Pro version upgrades would be available for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 8 customers (who fit requirements) for the much smaller than usual price of just $39.99! Microsoft also announced that for $69.99 users could get it on a DVD at local stores. Whilst we’d love thisContinue reading “Could Windows 8 tempt you at $40?”

Blur perform new double A-Side ‘Under The Westway’ live on Twitter (UPDATED) Blur perform Under The Westway/The Puritan Live on Twitter Video: Blur performing Under The Westway and The Puritan on Twitter Live Stream. Blur have released their first single since 2009 release Fools Day, and the single Under The Westway, featuring double A-Side The Puritan is now available to download on iTunes (link below). EachContinue reading “Blur perform new double A-Side ‘Under The Westway’ live on Twitter (UPDATED)”