Could RIM be considering Windows Phone 8 for future Blackberry devices [UPDATED]

After the rumors of Microsoft being a potential buyer for RIM just settled down, now there is a new report that RIM may tie-up with Microsoft for upcoming smartphone devices, yes you read that right!

According to sources of Reuters, RIM may abandon its own already delayed Blackberry 10 OS and adopt Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 for its Blackberry devices. They also report that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had approached RIM in recent months, and in intend on discussing a partnership similar to the one the Microsoft has with Nokia. If it happens, Microsoft will be able to fund marketing expenses and ensure financial position for RIM.

Will RIM board allow this to happen by sacrificing their technology independence known so well in the industry? Whilst I think personally their current strategy to rely on the already delayed Blackberry 10 OS, which is now set of a 2013 date ,will fail, its definitely not enough to sustain in this highly competitive technology industry dominated by Apple and Google, who have already made most of RIMs legacies worthless.

What do you think, could this be a good move for RIM?

UPDATE: RIM has confirmed that they will not be adopting Windows Phone, Android or any other ecosystem in their future Blackberrys, and continue focus on BB10.

In a statement, RIM said;

“We came to the decision that joining the family of the Android players, for example, would not fit RIM’s strategy and its customers,” he said. “We are not trying to be one of many. We’re trying to be different. We’re trying to be the best solution for our customers that buy a BlackBerry, know why they want a BlackBerry. And we’re aiming for nothing less than being a viable, successful, mobile computing platform of the future. This is what we’re aiming at. And I think that’s the difference. If you compare us with others, did we take the hard rod? Absolutely. Absolutely. But having done this and building and completing this new mobile computing platform that then expresses itself as a smartphone or as a tablet or as a vertical application or embedded in cars, whatever you want to do, that is where we will take BlackBerry. And this is – that’s why it was absolutely required and necessary to build its own platform. I would argue the other way around. If I continue to rely on somebody else’s OS and somebody else’s platform, would that allow me in the long run to really differentiate towards my customers and provide them the services and the environment that they request from me and that they would like to have? I have a big question mark around this. So I think going this way and building the platform we are building has the absolute intent to serve our customers and our markets better than on a standard-based OS and platform.”

Have RIM made the correct decision? Well, considering RIM have seen record losses and had to cut 5000 jobs , whatever decisions they make could be vital to save the already struggling company.

1 thought on “Could RIM be considering Windows Phone 8 for future Blackberry devices [UPDATED]

  1. i use both blackberry and iphone and i love to blackberry as well. isnt that funny hehe.

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