Adobe Flash support for Android ending soon!

Android to lose Flash Support

Adobe Flash Mobile has never been something thats gone completely smoothly, but has been something of a selling point to most Android Smartphones and Tablets today, this despite most Flash animations requiring a keyboard and mouse, something which Apple’s late Steve Jobs argued back in 2010 for not supporting the plug in on iOS.

Well it seems that time is running short as Adobe announced that it would be ending new installs of Adobe Flash as of August 15th, leaving all new Android devices without Adobe Flash, although existing users will still receive updates, for how long though wasn’t specified.

Not Supported in Jellybean?

Adobe also noted something interesting about the newly announced Android 4.1 Jellybean, that is would not support Adobe Flash in the Chrome browser on Jellybean and recommends all users to uninstall Adobe Flash after they upgrade to Jellybean from 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

This is a bit deal for many users out there as many, even if they don’t use it that much overall, do choose Android over other platforms such as iOS because of its support for Adobe Flash, but now it seems even Android and all Smartphones are now moving towards the HTML5 standard, something which has been predicted by companies such as Apple for years.

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