RIM Death Spiral – Could Microsoft, Apple or Google be potential buyers!

We don’t talk about RIM and Blackberry devices that much, and neither does most of the tech business, some hope did arise when the Playbook was released, but that seemed to just disappear. The big problem is though, RIM is a company in trouble, whilst Blackberry 10 is coming along and devices expected soon, theContinue reading “RIM Death Spiral – Could Microsoft, Apple or Google be potential buyers!”

Pokemon 1519 – Cilan Takes Flight

http://blip.tv/play/h6EsgvvUGQA.html?p=1 Pokemon Black and White: Rival Destinies Episode 1519 – Cilan Takes Flight! Episode Description; The gang arrives in Mistralton City, but when they go to the Gym, they discover that Gym Leader Skyla has set up a simulation system called “Air Battle” to determine the winner. Furious, Cilan challenges Skyla to a match, knowingContinue reading “Pokemon 1519 – Cilan Takes Flight”