Windows Phone 8 Rumour Roundup

Windows Phone 8, rumoured codename, Apollo

Windows Phone

With the Windows Phone conference only on Wednesday, its time for a little rumour roundup from all the news we’ve heard so far, to do this we’ve decided to make a nice little chart of things we think are likely, possibly and maybe. Check it out below. We’ve also integrated rumours with news and stories from Windows Phone blogsite WPPowerUser to make things even more clearer!

Likely Possibly Maybe
NFC Payments SkyDrive Music Streaming Bluetooth Object Push and HID
Skype Integration WinRT framework Tellme Voice tools for devs
Datasmart Data Monitor Improved Accessibility Nokia Maps replace Bing Maps
Camera Lens for OEMs No full WP7 upgrade HP and Dell back on board
Dual-core processor support Lenovo brings a WP8 handset WP7 will run WP8 apps
Windows NT kernel Nokia Phi announced Nokia Pureview Camera
1280×720 screen resolution Huawei WP8 handset announced Sprint WP8 handset announced
Arabic Support Verizon brings a WP8 handset Kinect Support
Native Code support Samsung GSIII WP8 announced Acer QWERTY WP8 handset
IE 10 Browser T-Mobile WP8 handset announced IE10 Server-side compression
RCS VOIP integration Nokia QWERTY WP8 handset Unity Game Engine Supported
WP7 apps will run on WP8 IPv6 support Alternate Keyboard for one-handed use
1080p video recording Proper back-up options
Removable Storage Voice Dictation and Read-Aloud for email
Daphne will replace Zune Bluetooth 4.0 support
App contracts
Improved Local Scout
Enterprise Support
MicroSD card support
Live Tile Folders


So, what do you think about the latest Windows Phone 8 rumours, would these make you consider getting a Windows Phone 8 device.

Microsoft will be holding a Windows Phone 8 keynote on Wednesday and will be offering a live stream of the keynote right here! (Requires Silverlight)

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