Press Update June 2012: Marriland, The Tech Show


We’re happy to announce that Marriland, who has already provided Soul Silver adventure previously and existing White adventure, will be bringing his all new walkthrough of the just released game Pokemon Conquest to RKUK Media. A spokesperson for RKUK Media said

An RKUK Media spokesperson said;

We’re very happy that Marriland will be bringing his all new Pokemon Conquest to the vast collection of entertainment categories at RKUK Media, we have been thrilled with his work in the past and can’t wait for more. Once again, thanks to Devin and the Marriland team.  Tim Godwin, RKUK Media Chief Marketing Officer.

RKUK Media also announced that Marriland will also be bringing Pokemon Black and White 2 walkthrough to RKUK Media as well.

The Tech Show

RKUK Media have vastly increased their The Tech Show content roadmap by adding blogs throughout June related to Smartphone and mobile news from the likes of Apple, Google and Microsoft who are to release new Smartphone updates in June.

At RKUK Media we love watching the world of Smartphone updates and we have embraced this completely in June due to update announcements expected for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Ben at RKUK Media has been committing to writing blogs related to each keynote address by the respective companies, add that to the partnership in content with MacRumors and Windows Phone PowerUser, content on The Tech Show is the strongest its been in years. Tim Godwin, RKUK Media Chief Marketing Officer

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