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June – The Month of Smartphone Updates?

With Apples WWDC in just a couple of days (June 11th) and Microsoft hosting a Windows Phone 8 announcement of the 20th, plus rumours of Google Android Jelly Bean being introduced, could this be the month where everything changes in Smartphones? Probably. And us at RKUK Media will be right there every step of the way with The Tech Show.

iOS 6

People weren’t sure if iOS 6 was to be previewed atleast at WWDC but as banners for the event go, that now seems incredibly, in fact definitely likely to happen. Along with a string of Mac updates, we are very excited about the future of iOS and how it can compete with the fast evolving Android and the ease of use and fresh appeal for Windows Phone.

Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone had a shaky start, but when Mango (7.5) was released things really started changing and the acquisition with NOKIA has just led to Windows Phone going from a small itch in marketshare platform, to a real big contender to be your next phone and NOKIA Lumia devices have been selling like hot cakes. With Windows Phone 8, Microsoft is expecting to announce support for high resolution, cores, and more in to their devices, which we highly welcome and can’t wait for the event on the 20th, and we will be right there every step of the way too.

Android Jellybean

The new of Android Jellybean is a strange one. The current version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich was reported to be only on 10% of devices and surely introducing a new software version to confuse the system anymore would be a bad move, but hey, thats whats given Android the bad press for being annoyingly defragmented in update cycles. Jellybean has gone from a 5.0 to a 4.1 release which honestly we don’t know much about, or any event or press to be covered on it, but as soon as we do we’ll check it out.

How will this affect you?

So what does this mean for you? Well, if you’re contract is running dry this month could be vital for you, so check out RKUK Media for all the latest news on your latest phone OS updates!

Which are you looking forward to? Let us know!

…. what? ….. did someone mention Blackberry, bless them.

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