Pokemon 1511 – Stopping the Rage of Legends! Part One


Pokemon Black and White: Rival Destinies

Episode 1511 – Stopping the Rage of Legends! Part One!

Episode Description; The revival herbs of Milos Island are withering away and something mysterious is happening there. Thundurus’s shrine gets hit with thunder. Meanwhile Ash and the gang head to Driftveil Gym to challenge Clay, but he refuses claiming he has no Revival Herbs and he will not battle Ash unless he receives more. The gang heads to the market where they ask Charles for assistance. They find a Revival Herb but cannot have it because it is to be delivered to the Pokémon Center, so they take a trip to Milos Island to get some instead. They run into a young man named Lewis who harvests the herbs. He says he cannot give them any because all the herbs are withering away and the Grass Pokémon are getting sick. Lewis tells a tale about why Revival Herbs only grow on Milos Island. A Gothorita belonging to Lewis comes in with a withered Revival Herb trying to help. It quickly grows fond of Axew. The next morning, Lewis is performing a rainmaking ritual, and some rainclouds appear but quickly summon Tornadus. It immediately attacks the gang, starting off with Hurricane then followed by Air Slash knocking down several trees. They attempt to retailiate but it responds with Hidden Power. They flee to check on the monument of Tornadus only to find that the wedge which is needed to fulfill its role has been destroyed. They immediately check Thundurus’s monument only to find the same result. Meanwhile Cilan and Pansage are distracting Tornadus. Shortly after, the monument gets struck with lightning and Thundurus appears and immediately uses Discharge and heads for Milos Island. Pansage is taken out by Thundurus and Tornadus and they soon battle each other sending Air Slash and Discharge at each other. Tornadus uses Hidden Power while Thundurus uses Spark. Snivy is sent out to use Leaf Storm but with no effect. Up next is Excadrill who uses Focus Blast but is overpowered by Tornadus’s Hidden Power. Up next is Axew who uses Dragon Rage which lands a hit but has no effect. Thundurus retaliates with Discharge and Stunfisk retaliates with Mud Shot. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is quietly observing. Snivy uses Leaf Storm and Excadrill uses Drill Run but both are taken out by the legendary Pokémon. Stunfisk and Pikachu use Thunderbolt with no luck and are both taken out. Once again the two legendary Pokémon battle each other. The gang decides to summon Landorus and Iris gets dressed for the part. Meanwhile, the island is getting destroyed. Using four mysterious stones, they begin to pray which begins to call Landorus at its designated monument. The monument responds.

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2 thoughts on “Pokemon 1511 – Stopping the Rage of Legends! Part One

  1. Really disappointed at how long it’s been taking recently for new episodes to appear on this site. I watch weekly from the UK and think I might tell my friends to start looking elsewhere for new episodes. If this keeps up, you’ll loose loads more frequent viewers…

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