Pokemon 1509 – The Mighty Accelguard to the Rescue!


Pokemon Black and White: Rival Destinies

Episode 1509 – The Mighty Accelguard to the Rescue!

Episode Description; Ash and the gang have arrived in Driftveil City and they decide to go to the Gym. They run into the gym leader where he claims he does not have time to do gym battle and that he has to examine a new vein. They decide to go back to the Pokémon Center until they come across a mane named Charles. They go to the Driftveil Market together where the gang receive merchandise for being with Charles. Suddenly a Ducklett starts stealing food from the market and uses Scald on Ash when they give chase. Ducklett meets up with a thief in the car and they take off. Suddenly a character who goes by Mighty Hero Accelgaurd appears who has come to defeat the thief. He performs an Accelgaurd kick but lands on the pavement. Accelgaurd orders Accelgor to intercept them and it uses Double Team. Accelgaurd uses his motorcycle to catch up to them but runs out of gas. Suddenly a Timburr appears and stops the car with its wooden beam along with its trainer Linda. Officer Jenny thanks Linda for her assistance and departs. They suddenly realize that Charles is Accelgaurd except for Ash. A Vanillite truck drives by and stop at a warehouse commandeered by Professor Tsurarer. They appear to be hijacking food from different sectors of Unova and storing it into their warehouse. Charles departs from the gang stating that Accelgaurd will make his appearance at the storehouse that night. Ash being clueless decides to head there at night. Meanwhile, Team Rocket yank out the Wind Wedge. Linda decides to check out the Vanillite freight truck and the storehouse it is parked by. The gang are heading down to the storehouse when Iris stops Ash and asks him why he does not go to Charles if he wants to see Mighty Hero Accelgaurd. They run into Charles, Ash still clueless, and they greet him. Linda inside the warehouse discovers all of the stolen food and gets caught by the Vanillite Gang. She calls out Timburr and they battle it out with her getting caught and tied up. Charles realizes what Linda has done and goes after to help her. The gang find Linda and the gang and they begin to battle. The gang uses a smoke bomb to escape. When it comes time for Accelgaurd to make his appearance Ash is enlightened by Iris that Charles is Accelgaurd. Charles changes to Accelgaurd form and starts to fight the Vanillite gang. Professor Tsurarer puts on a Cryogonal mask and claims he is Cryogonal Man and calls out his Vanillish. Timburr and Pikachu join the battle. They all battle it out with the Vanillite gang losing. Accelgaurd uses Accelgaurd Kick on Cryogonal Man and gets knocked out and reveals that getting a Cryogonal was to difficult a Pokémon to capture which is why he used Vanillish. Officer Jenny arrives with Accelgaurd departing. Meanwhile, something mysterious is happening at the shrine of Tornadus.

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