Blog Friday 30th March 2012


It’s not been since the end of January when I added a blog and its got to be said quite a bit has actually happened. The Semester 2 is approaching the ending touches, my birthday occurred, I became more than friends with someone incredible, and everyone’s moving out, so we’re gonna try to fit that all in to the way overdue blog!

The Dramas

This was most definitely the most emotion struck birthday of my life, not only did Diza say she wanted to get together again then completely reject me again for some reason leaving me in a complete reck state again!!! But seriously for the last time, I’ve given her much to many chances I really have. Kai gave some help on my birthday day, which helped, but all in all, it just really destroyed me and really left a shadow over my birthday. Since then we’ve agreed to “be friends” whatever that means these days.
Another annoying drama was bumping in to Mary on a night out with Lee for his birthday, which itself ended up been a bit drama in itself. That as well hurt me badly because she really didn’t give a crap about anything we’d shared together, so that annoyed me. Woo, great blog this one!
One thing that probably saved me from intense depression was the 4th February when Claire and I revealed that we both actually shared feelings for each other, but that’s another paragraph, but really she’s no idea how much she saved me!

My Birthday

My Birthdays are never really a great day tbh and lets be honest this really was no different, mainly because of all the background emotional pain I was going through, which thankfully is over now. One thing that was pretty awesome was as Jess’ birthday and mine were so close, we both got each other cakes, she got a cheeky monkey cake and I got a customised cake, which was awesome!
The day itself I basically went around the wonderland that is Cleck, and if I’m been perfectly honest it wasn’t bad to be honest, everyone came along and had a good time. One thing I wasn’t happy with was how Flash was, he basically just acted all stressed and left early, pfft fine then. Either way we ended up going to quite a few pubs whilst settling in the Station, which is where most of it happened. As I went in it was awesome as I saw Nathan, Jodie and Ben Y, who I hadn’t seen in ages and had a little chat with them. This kinda led to another thing I didn’t like, was that I felt limited to who I was talking to, but hey, either way it wasn’t too bad of a night. The gang consisting of me, Rob and Lee, and later joined by Kai and Jess and we had some laughs, and even a bitta Karaoke operated by none other than Adam from school too, which at the end of the night whilst having a chat with him I was rudely interrupted by us having to leave, but hey. It bothered me only because I thought this was my night and it didn’t feel like it. We ended the night at the one and only Spoons then said our goodbyes and I focused on Cake eating.


As you may know, Claire is one of the 3 women in my IT course, yepp women are that common in IT. Although one thing I probably didn’t tell you is how I truly felt about her. The day we came to enrol in to the course we simply just caught each others eye and I instantly fancied her, although then we had the whole trouble with the applying fiasco as you may recall, but then after complaining to the College on how out of order they were I was brought back in. Later on in the year one of the days I was travelling in to town for dinner break, the day we went to get Claire’s iPod, was when I first felt a connection with her but thought nothing of it, but since that day we became very good friends. Then throughout the second semester we started becoming more than friends and I’m more than happy to say that we’re actually in a relationship and I couldn’t be happier. It was strange how we did, but ironically it was thanks to the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, the shrine we made actually brought us closer and we shared our first kiss in that room. Since then we got more and more closer and made our relationship official in Manchester, and to this day of this blog we’ve been going out nearly 2 months and I couldn’t be happier.
Of course the deeds had to be done, the meeting of the parents and other folk, but I have to say its all actually got very well so far, which is more than I expected! It was rather worryingly interesting just how well she got on with Jess when they met, although based on what they were saying I’m more surprised how they hadn’t met before! Either way its awesome that we all get along, well she’s only met one of my friends but hey. Met two of hers, liked one didn’t like the other, ughh. But hey, can’t win everything can you.
But yeah, its fair to say we’ve both been trying to make each other happy this last few weeks together and hope we can for a very long time to come. I love everything about her and hopefully she feels the same way about me. Well, her obsession with tattoos is something I’m not particularly keen on, but hey its her decision I suppose. Apart from that she really is perfect, and here’s to our perfect future, just Claire and me, I really can’t wait!


Most of whats been happening at College has been to do with my Claire, but I’ll give you an insight as to where we are. Just did a Seminar, which was interesting, hopefully it went well, it felt like it went alright, here’s hoping eh. As usual the lessons I’m struggling on are theory ones, so hopefully that Seminar can help. I also would have loved it if our group work was going better, other than been completely clueless and all of us relying on one person as there the only ones that know what’s going on, just saying! I was also rather stressed when one in our class copied my work for their Seminar, not impressed at all! Apart from that, its all been fair enough, now it’s the Easter Hols, woop! Although it was interesting last week when me and Claire went to Dewsbury to be greated by tones of Police and a protest, unexpected but hey, although that person who said those things on FaceBook was incredible wrong to say stuff like that, really was.

Everyone’s Moving

Today, moving to present now, I had a catch up with Rob, a catch up because everyones chuffing moving. Rob, Helen and a few others have all moved in to their own house now, leaving not much around Cleck now for company, but luckily its not too far away for us to go out for a few to catch up now and then. But as much as it pains me to say it, I’m gonna miss Rob, not as much as I’m gonna get emotional … ya know what I mean, a lot of my life there. But hey, like I said, I’m sure we’ll be regularly catching up with each other.

Whats planned for Easter Hols?

Well, tbh, I haven’t got a clue, I need to get rid of my Lumia 800 asap tbh as I’m really out of money, but apart from that I sense me and Claire time, yeyyy! Although I am really annoyed how oddly hard its been to sell one of NOKIAs biggest devices, gonna try again tho when I go travelling! I’m determined!

Ought Else

Well, not really no, just I’ll be a bit more consistent with my blogs now, everything in here was a bit general and brief … yeah believe it or not this is brief! But hey, see you next week!
E-Ya Later


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