Blog Sunday 29th January 2012

This hasn’t half been one weird-ass week this one, not been feeling fully great this weekend, but my god this week has been funny thanks to two awesome friends, more on that in a minute, in fact stuff it lets get right to it!


College has now reached its second semester of the year and not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing as of yet, but we’re all gonna have to see aren’t we. It all started last week with a full day of Lynn woo, followed by the second day of networking and databases, woo. Although, what I think made it so awesome had to be Claire, she has possibly made this the most funny and awesome semester so far, stuff the lessons its all about us been ourselves and having a laugh so far. The highlight had to be when we went in to our first networking lessons and we had a tutor called Gary, wow. He was emotionless and so darn boring, but what made it work had to when Claire and me laughing over every single innuendo and then came the video, wow. I’ve never seen such a crazy ass video, don’t think anyone could keep a straight face when he put on this really strange video showing how networks worked. The video was so irrelevant but so wrong and hilarious at the same time, loved it, was so funny. It definitely became the talking point of the first week of Semester 2.

This week Claire was ill but I persuaded her to come in, and I’m so glad I did, we had such a laugh. For starters we found out that our lessons had done a switcharoe as Mondays and Tuesdays lesson wised swapped, fair enough. So we started off with the day with Lynn, which admittedly isn’t something really worth coming in for, but I’m still really glad I persuaded her to come, whilst the morning wasn’t cracking, in the afternoon we started getting in to groups for some group work for the lesson. The afternoon almost never happened as Claire really wasn’t feeling well bless her, but she stuck to it, and at dinnertime we added our own finishing touches to the HE Room, we added an official Steve Jobs Shrine to the area, which was awesome to say the least. Then came to the lesson to get in to groups, me and Claire had been pre-planning some daunting plans for our group work and was very excited to use them, except when the time arrived unfortunately we ended up being us and these other two, then when we introduced our prospects of Daunting, Claire said we were planning a T-Shirt company, what??? In the end the other two decided we were going to become a security company, ah well, me and Claire still had an awesome laugh as usual. At break we had a nice worship to our god at his Shrine, how cool are we eh, then we finished off the day, was awesome.

The next day of the week was probably the funniest day of College I’ve ever had. We had the amazement of Gary to start off the day, so we ended up having yet another laugh which was awesome. Especially when the innuendoes just kept on coming, and we couldn’t help but laugh every time he spoke, which probably meant we didn’t do any work but ah well! But the day just got so much better from dinnertime onwards. At dinnertime me and Claire started having a laugh with the text to speech on Mac OS X, which was funny to say the least, no one could of guessed what came of it later on though. Then we had Liz’ lesson next, which to be honest I don’t mind this lesson, although it was pretty bad when Liz simply mentioned Gary and me and Claire started laughing, oh dear oh dear. Then when she said the saying “suck it and see”, and well we had an innuendo overload!

One awesome thing about our last lesson on Tuesday this week was that Liz needed to go to a meeting so the lesson ended early, so obviously we left at first opportunity. But we didn’t go home oh no, me and Claire went to the HE Room and had the biggest laugh ever and created a song, yes a song! The song was probably the most hilarious thing I’ve ever done at College, she was laughing her eyes out it was awesome, never been so happy to be at College. We finished the song and every time I play that now it never fails to remind me of how much fun the company of Claire is, so glad someone as crazy and badass as me, in fact no she’s even more its awesome, first time in ages I’m looking forward to next week of College.

Randomness with Jess


This week, the awesome randomness with my BFF started on Wednesday when she came over as usual, and we discovered one of the best funny ways to involve children TV ever, by doing a rave to the amazing Thomas The Tank Engine, yes you read that right, all choreographed and everything, go us for that one I say. The rest as usual was just crazy ass and awesome, it was a bit different this week as I normally love Jess coming over cause I’ve had such a bad week so far and she brings me back up again, but this time I’d had a great week so it was a bit different to be honest, but Jess definitely kept the mood up high … well nearly. At first I thought she wasn’t actually going to turn up, quarter of an hour past from when we were supposed to meet then couldn’t get in touch, so that made me feel a bit crap, but luckily we had a great laugh after that to make up for it so that was a bit better. And that was a great day with Jess.


But the awesome randomness continues this week as on Thursday it was time to see Jess again. Although I have to say this time I wasn’t sure, the only reason she was here mainly was because she was planning to see someone else but they couldn’t make it anymore and she had to leave early so the day just felt a bit less enjoyable as usual for some reason, which kinda made me feel I’d let her down for that one, but what can you do eh.

The Friday Night Confusion

Some Fridays now and then Jess checks if we’re all having a drink out and about and we have a few drinks out in town, but this Friday was a bit different and interest … go figure, and if you’re nice I’ll tell you about it. Anyway, I’d gone out with Rob, Lee and Caddy the day before and Rob had said he was skint so I thought well no Rob so I gave Lee a call … then another … then another, no answer. So I let Jess know, so we went, well if he’s available we’ll go with Lee, if not, we’re going out anyway! Then it all started getting a bit confusing. It turned out Lee, Rob (who for some reason isn’t skint now or something), and the rest were at Flash’s sisters birthday do, but might be going to Cleck later on, so me and Jess decided to go out then meet them later, sounds good right? We’ll see.

So I ended up setting off to meet Jess at the Spoons and outside the Spoons was a massive Police van and two other cars so err I was like, I’ll just walk over here for a minute whilst things calm down, went to a far away ATM whilst things calmed down a bit, then they never did and I noticed Jess was waiting so I went over and after the well needed “HAS THERE BEEN A MURRDERRR!!!”, we went inside! Bought the drinks, and had a chat in Spoons, but it was a bit too crowded so we decided to head to Wickham instead, annoyed me a bit as Jess bought the drinks there as its more expensive but thats just how I am, oh shut up Ben lol. Wickham was much better we had a laugh in our weird ass conversations and it was looking like a really good night, then it passed 11 and Lee said they were all at the Spoons now so we headed to meet the gang, yeahhhh.

We’d had such a great laugh all night, really glad as it made up for Thursday, we were all in a great mood, then we went to Spoons. We walked in and there was about 7 of them crowded round a 4 person table. What made me and Jess annoyed was how no one seemed to care that we were here, we tried getting involved in conversations and all but everyone just didn’t seem to care so we both thought lets just go and leave them to it, so we did. Lee was probably the only one that seemed bothered that we were going, Rob just complained we’d not had enough to drink which I thought was a bit rude to be honest, so anyway, we then went. Walked Jess home, kinda had a night reflection chat about the night, which I might as well say here. It was a great night if you take away meeting up with the gang, which is a shame really as on paper that should of been the big awesome end of the night, but who cares, had a really awesome night.

Saturday Breakdown

Nought like ending on a low, in fact I’m typing this one last deliberately. Sadly on Saturday I had one of my big baaaaaddd breakdowns, I don’t want to depress you or bring it back to myself and enter the depressing feeling myself. Its basically been so long since I’ve had a real relationship that it sometimes gets too much for me, I’m in need of someone, but no one is there! Whilst I want to thank my best ever friends Jess and Claire for making me laugh all night and really making me feel so much better, its a shame that the problem still exists in my life, I’m fed up of hoping and wishing basically when nothing is happening. Well, basically I had a big breakdown and started crying, but got through it thanks especially to my BFF, but I still worry about if theres a next time.

Ought Else

Been a nice week this one, was actually looking forward to writing this blog this week to be honest, and here’s some things that didn’t quite make it to the full blog but might as well get mentioned.

– Had a nice catch up chat with Kai this week, well, a short conversation with Kai either way was nice to chat either way. Let him know he’s always got a pint waiting for him when he next comes over. Show him my awesome Ukulele skills I don’t have.

– Hung out with the gang Rob, Lee and Caddy on Wednesday night which was pretty fun especially when me and Rob did some nice commentary to Pool, and the awkward moment when we mentioned Germans to Caddy. Still funny though.

– Gotta nice Birthday Surprise planned for Jess this coming week as well, its not much … at all lol, but its something that’ll create a nice laugh, give her it on Wednesday, will be an interesting reaction.

– Unfortunately I bumped in to James Hodgson this week whilst at College which I kinda am a bit annoyed about. Mainly because all he does is pointlessly over-text me about crap, and every time he’s there all I can think about is the chuffing fiasco that was me and Diza, really annoying! Although felt a bit better about that this week when I saw a recent picture of Diza and she didn’t look good with her new hair style, is it evil I laughed at it!

– Whilst she’s become my favourite ever friend I’ve ever had at College, she’s also become a great friend outside of College, I’ve been having such fantastic chats with Claire recently, seriously its just so awesome to have a friend who is so random its unbelievable and never fails to make me laugh. I seriously love her she’s awesome, created so many funny chats been amazing. We even created a new word dauntingness! :D And whilst we’ve been having chats about getting rid of Jamie Oliver from the face of the world, we had a really funny chat based on the Harry Hill sketch featuring the Jamie Rap. Its always a laugh with Claire, and I can’t not love her for that!

But thats about it for now, till next time.

E-Ya Later


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