Blog Sunday 15th January 2012

Its been a while since my last blog, would of added one last week if I could of done, but ah well, alots happened in some ways in which have been slightly tough to take, but hey, welcome to my world eh.


College was pretty boring this last week as it was pretty much tests, oh the joys. We had tests for one, this week it was 2 for 2, woo. The first test came on Monday, and seen as we’d already finished the first lessons stuff I decided, as well as quite a few others, that it wasn’t worth coming in in the morning, so just came in the afternoon to do the test … which I obviously revised thouroughly for. Got the test done, a bit meh about how I’d done and left as we’d been told to. Later finding out that we should of stayed to get the mark … pfft, typical, think they’ve something against me but fair enough. Found out the next day I’d passed anyway. The next day sadly was a full day, starting with the first lesson which was pretty much hand it all in finally, then the second lesson was yes another test. The test on Tuesday was rather easy to be honest, odd how the first 4 questions mimicked the mocks, but hey, before the test everyone was laughing at Claire as she couldn’t stop laughing due to her previous raves … yeah, was hilarious, more on that later. And that was the week.

Lee’s Birthday

Good ol’ Grandad Lee, despite not a Grandad lol, had his big birthday coming and what better way to celebrate a birthday bash than a family and friends do at your house, what could possibly go wrong?! Well, surprisingly it did. The night started at Lees with me, Rob, Helen (ah well), Caddy, Flash and got Jess to turn up as well joining the many family members. The night was pretty darn boring to be honest, nothing happened, and we all felt pretty left out to be honest, which is probably the only reason I can think that Caddy and Rob started … well actually mostly Caddy to be honest started acting like a bit of a nob, which got a bit annoying. It was pretty funny watching Flash prat around with my new toy, my Ukulele which I got on a random trip to Leeds with Lee a day before, he could play it like ought, always amusing to watch someone who can actually play, like when he started playing Robs new guitar.

The night kinda started turning for the worse to be honest, whilst I’d tried to keep Jess amused she kinda had enough pretty quickly which wasn’t much of a surprise to be honest, to be perfectly honest what happened on afterwards made me glad she had gone. Rob, Caddy and Flash decided to get the bed…settee thing out, anyway, Lee got randomly mad and went all crazy on everyone, which was pretty odd to be honest, then the one thing that annoyed me (1 of 3) was when Lee accidentally stood on a liquid tab and some of it when on Helen resulting in her slapping him. Don’t quite know why she did, was more annoyed later on when Rob said if Lee had responded he’d of been on Helens side, which kinda proved to me how whipped he is, but fair enough we all knew that. Then, what we all thought was the end of the night arrived, got a lift home by Flash and that was that right? ….

….No. Got a forceful phone call by Lee meaning we were out again, ended up at the Station having drinks with Lee and his family, sounds fun right … oh it was. Lee was evidently drunk, which meant he was very err enthusiastic about the music playing, although I did respect the pint and pack of Bacon Fries he got me. Then it all got a bit strange, his family all decided to randomly kick off in a punch fight basically resulting in the end of the night to be honest, all the family got emotional and pissed off and resulted in a very annoyed Lee going home quite annoyed about the whole night to be honest. But I was more bothered about something else to be honest.

Bumping in to History

Whilst at Lee’s part 2 of the night I noticed in the corner of my eye someone I thought I’d never see again, and to be honest that has never been something I’d wanted either, but I did. Later she bumped in to me too, yep it was the one and only chuffing Mary. If you are a loyal reader of this blog, first of all, sorry, second of all, why, and thirdly, you’ll know that Mary has had a very big effect on me in life and is one of the biggest reasons why I fear most women and have lost much of my confidence towards women, basically because of how much she shot me down in the past. Which made it very annoying when she bumped in to me how happy-go-larry she was, I just put on a straight face and said ya know great to see you and all that, and that was that really. Maybe I’m over-reacting but it really sent me down, and I was pissed off anyway cause Lees family had done their big baaaddd breakdown (2 of 3), now Mary (3 of 3) appearing made me quite annoyed to say the least. But maybe I am over-reacting, although she was the first person I truly fell in love with and who truly broke my heart, it hurt man. Either way, thanks to supportive chats with my best of friends I’m getting through it, which is a relief, although I think I’ll always have that odd tear in their somewhere about the whole thing.

More randomness with Jess

Once again my Thursday BFF day was no exception this week, unfortunately my Dad had decided to be an ass and spent the entire week at home pretending to do stuff so we had to go out, so we ended up going for a random trip. And as usual, it was random, it was awesome, it was fun. Started helping Jess on getting a new phone, she was going to get an HTC (ughh I know), it arrived though then didn’t work (shocker!), so now she’s thinking of getting a new phone. We found that the Samsung Galaxy Ace would be the best choice for Jess, she didn’t get it, but we’ll probably talk through the best ways of getting it, pointless talking to phone folk at the store as they provide the most bias information ever, but think I can lead her in the right direction. Got my big juicy sausage, then a sausage roll …. ahh dear, but yeah. But yeah fun fun fun, the only problem I have with writing about days out with Jess is they tend to be rather indescribable, thats just how cool we are. We had a walk around Leeds, we went to the epic music place I got my Ukulele from and Jess was impressed by my drumming lol, I can actually play the drums just try fitting a drum kit in to a 1 meter square area of a bedroom … yeah can’t be done, we all tried to play the Craig Ferguson theme tune, but then forgot it, like ya du. Then we went to White Rose for more epicness, acted like business pros and shtuff. The the night reached its end, Jess had bought some pretty sexy ass sun glasses which was a photo opportunity waiting to happen. Then we headed home, took the wrong bus so ended up in Heckmondwike, so had to wait about 7 years for the bus, then we were back. What was odd was that I saw my Mum on the bus, we got off at an earlier stop, but when I got home, my Mum never got home, thought they’d been a murder, but it turned out that my Dad has just given my Mum a surprise dinner outing thingy … yeah.

Overall, Jess never disappoints, bluddy love hanging around with her, hopefully my Dad won’t ruin next time eh, but she’s always a true BFF.

Ought Else

– Had a talk with Josh, which was unexpected, haven’t spoke to him in a while, was a bit pissed off as it ended up just been all career talk, I’m doing better than you scenario, but oh well suppose.

– Been having some pretty epic chats with Claire from College. She’s cool man, she’s out of her head, not right in the head, has a head …. why am I talking about heads. Think chatting with her though has proved to us both just how freaking crazy and awesome we are, she’s definitely gonna be in the Peoples of Awesomeness at the end of the month. Love her man, she’s hilarious, especially when she does her bad ass raves at College. Seriously it was hard not to be distracted, she was listening to Pokemon music and rocking out, was so funny, she thinks she’s the only mad one round her, mad thing is I kinda wanted to join in. We’re planning more raves now, and for everyone who thinks we’re weird can just go away to Daunting University … long story lol.

– I’ve been promising I’ll do a review of the new Robert Post album Rhetoric, and yes I will when I get down to it. Just like shaving, if I don’t shave tonight, they’ll be trouble.

– Had a few troubles at the start, but big update next week means I’m keeping it, the Nokia Lumia 800 that is. Wi-Fi Share is expected to finally arrive, as well as battery fixes and camera fixes too. Plus some awesome EA games are coming exclusively for Lumia devices, including Real Racing 2, which is probably my favourite racing game from the iPhone, can’t wait to play that on the 800.


But thats about it for now, E-Ya Later


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