The Late Late Show – 6th January 2012 [HD] The Late Late Show 6th January 2012 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. The show kicks off the show with guests Michael Clarke and Laura Prepon. *The Late Late Show is now available in many versions. The desktop Flash version (Mac or PC) in 720P. Or available in alternate non-Flash versions. All non-FlashContinue reading “The Late Late Show – 6th January 2012 [HD]”

NOKIA Lumia 800 1 Week Review

I’ve always been interested in Windows Phone, ever since Microsoft decided to do something with its mobile platform back in 2010, and out came Windows Phone 7. At the time though, Windows Phone 7 was lacking even the basic of features such as threaded e-mail, copy and paste and multitasking. But now with Mango, theseContinue reading “NOKIA Lumia 800 1 Week Review”