Christmas Blog December 2011

Well, here it is, the all so highly anticipated Christmas blog I do every year, this years Christmas Blog is brought to you by our sponsors at multiple Sock makers in the UK, for godsake I’ve got a lot this Christmas. Anyway, heres my Christmas blog, lets have a look through the week.

Last Week

Last week was one with a few surprises up its sleeve. Had a few pub visits, many visits to the duck resulting in more terrible Christmas singing and more, oh the fun in that regard.

In the middle of the week I ended up being coaxed in to going to some Birthday do, which would be amazing if I knew who the hell they were, which is kinda why I ended up never having some of her Christmas cake, which looking back now I wish I did. Well, I kinda know who she is, but kinda don’t at the same time, either way met up with some interesting people, some twins that were absolute assholes, Lee also expressed his opinion lol, met up with this guy who’s gay who apparently people call him Cheese, either way he’s a pretty awesome bloke. To be honest if that guy wasn’t there I’d of probably committed suicide in intense boredom of the event, but hey. We ended up doing the amazing pub quiz, although we couldn’t hear the women so we just put tree on every answer to be festive, must’ve been one of the answers! The night ended, Caddy left and no one noticed, then me and Lee left and got some good ol’ chips. Then we ended up going back to the Duck, so Lee had chance to say what he thought of everyone, oh dear oh dear. Anywho, not as bad as I thought.

Christmas Eve…Eve

On Christmas Eve Eve it was time for a very unamusing trip to the Wickham with Rob, Lee and Caddy …. oh wait, Helen was also there, which I was very very happy about. But, to be honest it didn’t end up been too bad. Lee was consistently pissed off for some reason, started to share his Christmas spirit later on. Had a few Christmas sing-a-longs on the Wickham Christmas Tape, calling it that as 4 songs kinda repeated themselves over and over again in the same order, which got a bit chuffin annoying after a while. Then they had a row, but Ben you never mention that in a blog, its Christmas, I’m mentioning it, the truth always comes out at Christmas ….. well, either that or you feel down and cry as you’re scared of how it will effect everyone, not that I’ve ever had experience of that or anything!

(WARNING: Contains intense bitchyness, thats been edited and censored out, yes this is the Clean version) Anyway, the night reached its end eventually, and we all headed off. I was kinda thinking of some chips, but Helen decided to bitch about the place I get chips from so nooo there then. But it wasn’t that that got me really annoyed, that was annoying yes, but nothing like she did later on. The problem with Helen is she bitches about everything and thinks its perfectly fine and no one will care, and you know what we f***ing do, especially when its about something that we actually care about. I’ve been on the edge with Helen ever since Rob decided to give her another go, and she only has to do that one more thing for me to absolutely despise her completely, and I’m there. Lee has been annoyed, Kai has been annoyed, I’m gonna stop naming names, cause its everyone. Either way, on the way home to Robs she started what she used to start every night until she allegedly changed, pfft. She started bitching about Kai and Jess again, started by saying Jess wasn’t much of a women cos she’s friends with us and likes stuff we like, well if you don’t like what we like Helen don’t turn up, go to you’re friends …. oh wait a minute, who are they? No one. Thing is though, it wasn’t what she said, cause I couldn’t really give a crap what she thinks or says, it was the ways she was saying it, and it makes you wonder what she’s like for the rest of us behind closed doors, and thats the number 1 thing I hate more than anything else. It also annoyed me even more as it was about my best ever friends and I’m not having it. On New Years Eve we’re all off to Robs, and she only needs to piss me off once and I’m off, I’ve had enough of her. I’ll deal with her if I have to, but other than that, I’d rather she didn’t exist to be honest. I could go on, but to be honest its only funny bitching back to her when its to someone else.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a bit of a roller coaster to be honest, my sister originally was going to have a family buffet, but I pulled out as I had an invite to see Kai and Jess, and when I hadn’t seen Kai for months I really had to go, take that family. So on the day I got a call from Kai saying what was going on, expecting problems either way as I’d no idea where the place we were going was, also thought Lee was going but he pulled out due to work stress lol, is that even a reason. I ended up going out to the Wickham with my family, my uncle kindly forced 2 pints down me, which I wouldn’t be bothered about if it wasn’t just before a night out and me not having ought to eat, sadly I paid for it later. I’ve also found some Blur instrumentals today, which I may take advantage of later lol.

Then I waited and waited, felt like forever, for them two outside a taxi rank, having explained the Lee situation they bought the taxi there. Had bad feelings about the night pretty much as soon as we entered the first pub, don’t know why but just had a bad feeling about it. The same guy from the birthday do was there who I can’t stand, so had to deal with him, which was hard as he continued to be an asshole all night. Felt a bit better when I noticed Cheese was in the group with us tonight, don’t mind him. So that was the nights team, a guy I can’t stand, a gay guy who’s actually awesome, Kai in his smart outfit, Jess who looked absolutely amazing … and me, yes 5 of us, an odd number. To make matters worse of despising one of the people out with us, it was worse as they’re 5 of us. Kai always talked to that guy, Jess was always talking to Cheese, which to be honest I’m not complaining about but it kinda meant I was always the one left out, which made things for me kind of a bit freaking annoying. I’m always down for Christmas as lets face it, its boring as it gets, and I really wanted this night to be fun and awesome, and sadly it wasn’t. This really annoyed me as I love Jess, and Kai and I was really hoping for it to be a good night, seemed they enjoyed themselves though so there ya go. Either way, we went through a few pubs and the night ended at Wickham, yep, where I’d started. Either way, had a few there and that was that, I’d had enough and went home. Said goodbye and set off home.

I really felt bad about the night, cause thats the guy I am, the hopeless worryer, the worst kind to be really. Caring about everyone else and stuck with my own troubles. Either way, I sent them both an apology text, which I’m presuming they didn’t really take much care of or even read, but I did it. I was sorry, but I find it hard to fake … take that women, no but I do and if you’d to force honesty out of me I didn’t have a good night and its a shame as I wanted to, for Kai.

Christmas Day

The big day, the one we’re all here for, the day every year that we all crave, surely this day won’t have bitching and something bad. The problem with Christmas is its become all about the children, and this has been an awful year for family reasons and more, but its been a hard Christmas this one as its the first Christmas where my Grandad hasn’t been able to make it to our house for Christmas, meaning my Grandma and Grandad weren’t over for Christmas on Christmas Day, and it made me pretty sad just to see him trying his best to still be happy on the day when we popped over for an hour or so.

The day as a whole, I got A LOT OF SOCK!!! Seriously, too many. God some good ol’ deodorant, which was good as I’d just run out on Christmas Eve. I also got my entire wardrobe for the year including my white and grey “I’ve Arrived” T-shirt lol. Had a festive Lucozade out of Jess’ mug when I got up, and got enough Christmas money to get the NOKIA Lumia 800, well, the upfront cost. It better be good, either way you’ve 7 days to take it back and say in a Sean Connery accent to the Vodafone guys, “This phone is a dreadful, I ashhked for it shaken not shtirred … or shhomething like thatsh” …. I dunno, just wanted Sean in there somewhere. Simba didn’t enjoy Christmas though when my sister came later on with the dog, seriously all the hair on his body shot up like someone had shot 1000 volts through him, yeah he was terrified. So much that we had to take the dog away, even then it took 2 hours to get Simba out of the hiding place he had behind the washing machine. Ended up watching the new Peter Kay Live DVD, and was quite impressed, all new jokes and in the Bolton accent, what more do you want lol. It was sad one of my sisters had to go to work on Christmas Day but what can you do eh. Either way, watched some stuff and that was it.

….or was it. Yep, got a call from the good ol’ Grandad Lee, either way I ended up at Robs house. Robs Dad was his scary nice self, obviously had a few lol, and then we noticed the terrifying sight. Rob has got an Electric Guitar for Christmas, and Helen has a mic. Oh dear. Oh dear. Helen did end up coming through the night, I just ignored her through the night and it ended up not been bad then. Although we literally only went for one as there was only one pub open. When we left The Station we all went home. I, personally was rather disappointed we only had 1, kinda didn’t feel worth it, but fair enough. And that was Christmas lol.

Boxing Day

Ahh Boxing Day, the day after the madness, normally the day you play with you’re presents, but you look a bit weird playing with mugs and socks lol. Don’t know why, but was really not well today, lead to me having only a very few pints. My uncle was very happy with his Spoons visit though, got 3 pints of lager and 2 beers for £4.40, someone obviously f***ed up lol, no complaints there. The night ended with quite a boring buffet at my sisters, my other sister sadly had to work again later on unfortunately. Either way, quite a boring day, so I won’t bore you with further details lol.

Ought Else

All that remains now is to be honest New Years Eve at Robs, no plans other than that.

– Got Real Racing 2 for the Mac, its amazing, you can actually use you’re iPhone to control the game, sadly though, even though it is through the browser, it only works on the iPhone. But an awesome game, high quality graphics on the Mac, racing controlled through the iPhone. Take that Wii-U, we’re already there!

– On Wednesday coming I’m off to the bank to put my Christmas money in and I’m gonna be popping to Vodafone to get the NOKIA Lumia 800, all I’m gonna say is, it better be chuffing good lol. Can’t believe I’ve had the iPhone 4 nearly 15 months, I used to struggle to have a phone 6 months lol. Very impressed with 7.5 Mango, think its the only real competitor on Smartphones to the iPhone, so should be good to use. Android, Blackberry, WebOS are all rubbish, trust me I’ve used them, and I’m looking forward to Windows Phone. Think its gonna shock people though, me getting one. See, I’m not an Apple Fanboy, I like the best of anything in its class, I’m trying an iPhone alternative that to be honest I’ve been very impressed with. We’ll see.

Well thats about it for now, E-Ya Later


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  1. So sad that Rob isn’t trending. He makes me smile, he makes us smile. Rob Makes Us Smile

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