Marriland White 61 – Opelucid Gym & the Legend Badge


Marriland’s Pokemon White Adventure

Part 61 – Opelucid Gym & the Legend Badge

In this episode, I take on the final Gym Leader in the game (in Pokemon White), Iris! Yes, that’s right, I’m squaring off against the peppy kid herself, who is actually a Dragon-type master. In Pokemon Black, you face Drayden instead. They have virtually the same team, though, so the same strategy applies to each. Their Haxorus is the most threatening Pokemon on their team, capable of Dragon Dancing to raise its already-sky-high Attack to catastrophic levels while also raising its Speed. Be careful! Their Pokemon know only Dragon Tail for Dragon-type attacks, so your own Dragon-type Pokemon with Dragon Claw or Dragon Pulse will be able to strike first, since Dragon Tail goes last (and forces you to switch).

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