Nokia Lumia 800 and its effects on the Windows Phone platform!

Lumia 800
The black NOKIA Lumia 800, NOKIA’s first Windows Phone Mango device!

Nokia Lumia 800

The new NOKIA Lumia 800 is a device with one word at the back of Microsoft and NOKIAs mind, “risk”. The Lumia 800 is the first device to arrive from the Microsoft-Nokia partnership announced earlier this year, and to any NOKIA fanatic its basically an N9 running Windows Phone right? Well, nearly, luckily for Microsoft, NOKIA have packed more than that in their new flagship device, so lets have a look. The main differences between this and the N9 hardware wise is that instead of a 64GB internal flash storage, the Lumia has a worrying 16GB. The screen size is smaller to fit 3 Windows Phone soft buttons (capacitive buttons), so the phone doesn’t sound that special, especially when you notice its 512MB of RAM, which is nice, on a 1.4GHz single-core SnapDragon processor, but don’t overlook it as this phone has some surprises up its sleeve. The world with Android have gone all spec crazy, and there’s one easy reason why, Android requires stupid amounts of hardware and processing power to even run smoothly, this has been shown many times when 1GHz plus dual core Android phones run worse than an iPhone 4 with a single core 800Mhz processor (A4). Windows Phone is a much more advanced operating system and the Lumia 800 runs like a breeze on the OS. NOKIA have announced that the Lumia 800 will be the mid range Lumia device, with the 710 been the low end, and a high end coming soon probably in Q1 2012.

To make the NOKIA partnership more noticeable, NOKIA have done much more than give the Lumia 800 a pretty face, which it recently won an award for, and multiple colours to choose from. 3 NOKIA built apps make the Lumia 800 probably the most interesting Windows Phone yet. NOKIA Drive, NOKIA Music and a partnership with ESPN make the Lumia 800 that bit more special. NOKIA Drive offers NOKIAs full navigation software on the phone and its completely free, offering a very useful offline mode where you can download the full map without having to worry about data whilst finding you’re way around. NOKIA Music is NOKIAs take on and Spotify, but again this is completely free. The sports side of things comes from ESPN, which doesn’t seem that special to us, but with Windows Phones Live Tiles is where ESPN shines. All 3 apps are NOKIA Exclusive. All this without even mentioning the fantastic features of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango.

Effect on the Windows Phone platform

The NOKIA Lumia 800 is going to give the Windows Phone platform something its never really had, a flagship phone, and this is great. Probably the worst thing Windows Phone has got going for it is probably the branding. When people here of ‘Windows’ or ‘Microsoft’ in the name of an OS, they think of the stressful and I agree painful experiences sometimes of Microsofts desktop OS, but Windows Phone 7 is no where near the same. Many tech experts are finding Windows Phone 7 annoyingly hard to criticise and many including TechnoBuffalos Jon Rettinger actually switching from an iPhone to Windows Phone after reviewing an HTC Windows Phone device, and based on this and much more experience around the smartphone world we can’t not recommend any more but atleast give this devices a go.

The NOKIA Lumia 800 has definitely had hype, and we think the hype maybe a bit far from what the device is and the device has been wrongly promoted as a high end Smartphone, where we’d more give it the mid-range title, but the device is definitely the best Windows Phone device available and our testing definitely give the device a solid 9/10, maybe the Lumia 900 will be the solid 10. Its a shame the Lumia 800 hasn’t got more than 16GB or memory, or a front facing camera, but we think that is no reason not to check out the device, its a great phone we’ll definitely be looking more into in the coming days and weeks on The Tech Show. Besides, over a year with an iPhone 4 and I hardly ever use the front facing camera.

Tech Specs

OS: Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

Processor: Qualcomm 1.4GHz Single Core Processor

RAM: 512MB

Antennas: Wi-Fi 802.11 B/A/G/N support. Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, a-GPS, FM Radio with RDS

Sensors: Accelerometer, Compass, Proximity

Browser: Internet Explorer 9 (others available) with full HTML5

Camera: 8 Megapixel Carl Zeiss camera with dual flash. HD 720P Video Recording

Messaging: SMS/MMS/FaceBook/Windows Live integrated in one app. Push E-Mail. IM


SIM Free: £450 (RRP)

Pay As You Go: N/A

Pay Monthly: Cheapest deal: £199 on Vodafone 12 Month Contract £36/month.

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