Blog Sunday 11th December 2011

Mon 28th /Tue 29th November

College continued to be the most interesting place to spend you’re Monday and Tuesday, note the sarcasm. Once again on both days hardly anyone turned up which made things that all much more boring. Having said that in the assignment front things are looking that bit more promising. Received a new assignment from Liz, which to be honest I think once I get my head around it could be a bit easier than the last one. Web is pretty much over to be honest, so next Tuesday hand in, and err… done!

Wednesday 30th November

Wednesday on paper would have been a really good day to have got my hair cut, but, I thought to myself, if I have a lay in today, then tomorrow before Jess comes over, I’ll go to the hairdressers after getting up early and all will be good, yeah, we’ll see how that goes. So Wednesday was a pretty lazy day for me!

Thursday 1st December

Thursday started in a rush, none of my alarms went off and luck of the day was me naturally getting up 5 minutes before I said I was gonna ring Jess to check if she was coming over, so, no I didn’t get my haircut, but phew the day got to commence.

Thursday was another one of those awesome days, one of those movie days with Jess. This time it was yet another Batman film, which after kinda watching it I have to come to the conclusion that Batman is alright, I don’t mind it, but I wouldn’t call myself an avid fan, or obsessive like Jess. But hey. Overall, the day was hilariously awesome, not because of the film, but because of our awesome singing to the best music evaa lolz. We both attempted on a duet on Coldplay ft Rihanna with Princess of China, which just ended up with us both laughing our eyes out. Jess brought her pad over with her, so I thought I might as well show her what I’ve done with mine, ended up showing her my oh so amazing lyrics, which to be honest it didn’t end up being an embarrassing as I thought, in fact some of them actually impressed her, which as something lolz. The laughs continued when we played some classic Pokémon songs and started singing those, especially when Jess did her “man voice” on I BELIEVE … god, that was amazing, either way. Awesome awesome day!

Friday 2nd December

Friday had some surprises up its sleeve, not many, but a few. For starters had my Friday chippies, obviously, then as the day ended and the night drew closer, got an invite to go t’ pub! When I turned up at our usual meeting place, I was pleasantly surprised that, despite feeling like death for some reason, we were going somewhere new, somewhere other than the two places we go to … I know!! Anyway we ended up at this supposedly “s**thole”, which to be honest ended up not being that bad to be honest, they sold Bacon Fries which made me happy. It also lead to one of the longest games of Pool ever, seen as everyone was used to playing Snooker, and paying 50p for the lights every 15 minutes was new as well! Rob hinted it would be a great place for the scene in our upcoming production, we’ll have to see eh. Then we left, and walked on to the Hunsworth for a pint there, discovering how all the ornaments at the pub were for some reason nailed down which an intriguing thing to do, but hey. After that, we all headed off home and that was the end of a rather weird night. Rob and Lee decided to get some stuff from Eastern Spice, although I didn’t bother. And that was that.

Weekend 3rd – 4th December

Saturday was pretty uneventful to be honest, although I really enjoyed the celebrity The Chase on ITV1, Anne Widdicome was hilarious, shame that Blur bassist Alex James couldn’t get through, although his questions were the hardest, either way was a great episode. Apart from that a very so so day. Apparently it was Helen’s birthday, but I couldn’t make if I wanted to due to money. Me and Jess had agreed we both had to go if one did, but she was visiting Kai so in all fairness that became my useful excuse. Was quiet pissed off actually on Saturday as I’d no chance to get my haircut all week, so I got up early, ran in to town … closed, freaking typical! Anywho.

Sunday was relative, absolutely nothing happened, I woke up, which was a bonus, probably. Complained about our ever getting worse internet connection with TalkTalk, and had a look at my Mum and Dads new phones they got, Mums is a Christmas present of my Grandma, Dad just joined in and got a phone. They got the Orange deal where you get a free pair of supposedly great headphones … there not, but free so can’t really complain. Apart from that, Cleo was a bit ill, which was a shame, but yeah, that’s really all for the weekend. Bring on next week and make it a good en’.

Monday 5th December

Monday was always going to be a weird day, and guess what it was. Turned up with hope that the snow would have stopped us from getting there, but no, it never even bothered to turn up, typical. But, then it started to snow as I was arriving, but then stopped and never returned, build up over nothing! Tom was their today which I was relieved about, its always fun when he’s around, whilst he looked a bit down in the first part, he ended up been his good old self through the rest of the morning. At dinnertime he apparently had to go to finance and so was expecting him back … he never returned, so nice quick one ya did their mate lol. Oh well, to be honest, bringing my MacBook Air in now has one more reason than the others now. I actually bring it in to do most my work on, but now I also bring it in just to be myself with myself, its my amusement, plus with the iPhone’s Personal Hotspot feature I can get Wi-Fi and go on literally any site I want to, which has been a massive help these past few weeks. I’ll be doing a MacBook Air 1 Month Review soon, but the battery life has just been amazing, never died after using it literally all day, we’ve only an hour and a bit left of the day and the battery is still at 56%, yes I’m writing this now, but to be honest I doubt nothing else is gonna happen today.

Tuesday 6th December

On Tuesday it was time to practice my oh so epic presentation with my many many group members, pfft, yeah, we started with 6 now we’ve 2, but hey. We all got given a time a set amount of time to practice our amazing presentation which has had to kinda be completely re-invented thanks to most of our slack group members, which makes the group marker sheet an interesting thing to receive. Overall the presentation, for a first go, didn’t go too badly to be honest, especially with my amazing remote which others apparently want to borrow which I’m fine with. After playing a bit of Angry Birds and having my sausage at break it was time for Web. The Web assignment was due in on the Friday and I thought I’m not gonna end up having to traipse in during the week to hand it in, so I luckily got it all done by the end of the lesson and handed it in, which was good. Trouble was, everyone was talking about next week being the last week before the holidays, in fact they said it so many times that it made you think this was the last day, which is very annoying because it wasn’t, so bring on the end of next Tuesday then, although I’ve quite a bit of work to finish off … well, for one of the lessons anyway!

Wednesday 7th December

Wednesday was a pretty uneventful but very annoying day. It was another chance to get a hair cut and could I do that!!! NOOOO!!! I KNOW!!! I wouldn’t mind but all Cleckheaton has is hairdressers and none of them were open when they were all supposed to be, taking the absolute piss, I look like a bad Michael McIntyre! Thats really all that happened on Wednesday! Bumped in to Clayton in town, which was a bit huh, more shocked to see him to be honest, but yeah that was err… fun.

Another thing I found on Wednesday was a french website called Deezer. Deezer (yeah love the name reference :/ tuh) basically is like Spotify, but in the browser. And until the 22nd December, they are running a promo so you can get their Pro features for absolutely free, awesome! Its great, even the free mobile app works perfectly, at this rate I might even buy it when the offer ends! Really good service, and you don’t have to use some crappy badly coded app like you do with Spotify.

Thursday 8th December

Thursday was a nice lazy day for a change. Me and Jess had a long chat about the stupid emoticon icons on FaceBook which led to her coming over tomorrow, which was great as it always ends up been a highlight of the week. But that was literally it for Thursday, unless I go on a complete history of what we talked about, which I ain’t gonna do, sorry! lol. The day ended by me and Jess agreeing to become the two official members of Damn Crows.

Friday 9th December

On Friday it was time for another one of those best days of the week and I’m happy to say it didn’t disappoint. Yes, it was time for another fun day with Jess. This day we made some of the best music evvaa, with our whole new permanent member of the band, the wonderful the fantabulous Jess. We made some pretty awesome music to say the least. Overall, it was all just the biggest laugh, like it always is with Jess. The day started by presenting Jess with her Recording Contact, which she was overjoyed about lol. We just once again had just a really good laugh and it was awesome. Eventually she had to go, but just loved it.

But the day wasn’t over yet, Caddy invited Lee and me out and Jess said she’d love to go out, so we all ended up going out to the amazing pubs that Cleck has to offer, cough. The day just kept getting better, after my Friday Chippies I tried to get in touch with Jess via the phone but couldn’t, then Kai rang me to say why, which if anything was nice to talk to Kai. Eventually got in touch, then we all headed out, ironically arrived just as Jess was, eri!!! The night then consisted of bad singing, and just fun to be honest. Caddy went home whilst we were at the pub, then me and Lee walked Jess home and Lee invited us for a night at his on Saturday night. Then me and Lee thought, ahh f*** it, and went down to the duck for some amazing singing practice for the next night and had some good ol’ healthy fast food, which was amazing as the guy almost fell over the ice delivering it. Luckily it was gone after Friday. But overall a really great day.

Saturday 10th December

On Saturday it was time for a night at Lees. Got a call from Rob before I went to Lees so had a few at his first, then headed up to Lees where Caddy and Lee were there. Then Jess arrived and gave us all Christmas cards, they were actually hand made which was very sweet of her, my new BFF. Both her and me had doubts about whether the night was actually going to be good, but luckily the night wasn’t what Lee said it would be, and what it was was some bad ass singing, some amazing gaming, and a real alright night to be honest. The night I don’t think was as good as Friday, but it wasn’t too bad. Rob showed off his GTA skills on my Air as well as his rebellious ways lol. So, yeah, interesting night. When I came home I noticed that the Xmas decorations were up so, I guess Christmas has truly begun!

Sunday 11th December

Today was uneventful, watched the X-Factor final, Little Mix won, but to be honest the only thing good was Coldplay, as they are a proper band. Wrote my Christmas Cards including Diza which I’ll have to post, I knowww, never posted a Xmas Card before. Inside 5 Christmas Cards will be a Certificate of Yearly Awesome to the top 5 people who I just think are awesome, the full top 10 will be announced on FaceBook in January 1st 2012.

But thats about it, I think. Till next time. E-Ya Later


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