Blog Sunday 27th November 2011

Since my last blog, well to be honest not much has changed to be honest but I can scrape some stuff out for this week for ya if you really want.
Note: Each day blog was written at the end of the corresponding day


On Wednesday I was very lazy, we we’re going to go to the Bradford Media Museum but I didn’t feel well at all, so the previous night I just turned my phone off and had an early night. To be honest I completely forgot it was Wednesday when we were going until I noticed missed calls after turning the phone on, so err, sorry!


Thursday was a bit of an annoying day to be honest, it was another one of those movie days with Jess and all didn’t really go well. Well, the plan was initially that she would be coming over at 11 to watch another film, thanks a lot for converting me to Batman, tuh. Anyway, got a Batman game as well on the Mac, the Arkham Asylum game, which is amazing that is works so smoothly on a MacBook Air when the game recommends a 512MB graphics card. Either way, the day was quite disappointing as I waited all day for a phone call, a text upstairs and it never arrived, waited all day for nothing. So yeah, quite pissed off at that. Later through the day I got some source of apology and reason for it, but fair enough. Feeling apparently sad about the whole thing, she arranged to do something the following day, we’ll see eh. Later during the day we got an unexpected visitor, earlier than expected the kitten arrived. Don’t really know what to make of it at the moment as all day everyone has been fussing it instead, we’ll see eh. … saying that a lot aren’t I, oh well.


On Friday I woke up to the kitten, gave it a few strokes and then was about to set off to the bus station to meet up with Jess when my sister arrived to fuss around with the cat, so I was like yeah yeah good I’m going out … then my other sister arrived, so I was like for godsake yeah yeah good I’m really going out now, ugh. Either way, it made me 10 minutes late, oh well. We ended up going to Bradford Media Museum and to be honest it was pretty good, although we were very quickly un-amused by the displays lol, guess you have to be young to truly enjoy it. Unfortunately the weather was in no way on our side that day and neither was Bradford as there is literally no where to buy a freaking DVD, so we decided to head to Leeds. Unfortunately the weather didn’t get any better, but got my DVD for my Dad, the last Christmas present to buy, I know I don’t quite understand how I’ve done so early but hey. Despite the weather and stuff I really tried my very best to keep Jess amused, weather it worked or not is another thing lol. I got my sausage, she got some noodles of some kind, then to the bus journey home, which is always amazed as we’ve no real idea what bus to get, but there ya go all went well as we got home. Gave her an apparently proper hug … whatever that is lol, then went home. You’re forgiven by the way!
Later that night got an invite and call to go to the pub, so ended up headed to the pub and had a few drinks with Lee, Rob and Caddy, which to be honest wasn’t that bad. Once again, absolutely no idea what we were on about all night, but ended fair enough. Helen ended up turning up at the end of the night like always when you see Rob which make you think, well, its nearly the end eh. What was weird is that we didn’t actually end at the Spoons, we ended the night at the Wickham, I know!!! Either way, not too bad of a night. We all learned about Caddy’s new apparent girlfriend from across the planet … yeah we’ll see about that, don’t think any of us actually believe any of it, we’ll see eh.
One thing I was quite annoyed about is the fact that they’re all off to see Kai next week, but I can’t afford at all, so a bit of a shame to let him down like that, so when they go I hope they let him know I’m sorry I can’t be there. Speaking of money, I wish the Scottish idiots at Student Finance would finally sort their stuff out, taking the mick now. As I can’t seem to stop saying in this blog, we’ll see eh.


Yesterday was to be one or the other, a night at Lees, or a classic games night at Robs, it ended up being the second. So, after watching The Chase on ITV, loving the Celebrity one, looking forward to Alex James from Blur being on it, I headed down to Robs, took some Lucozade and my MacBook Air. The night was pretty alright to be honest, played some classic PS games … except we actually didn’t to be honest, yeah it wasn’t quite the night I was expecting but fair enough. After being blinded by the Playstation 1’s CD Player effects, the night ended up just been Caddy badly playing a game, Rob amusingly watching Ben’s failed Dr Who footage he’d recovered. Also, when I played the Batman game on the Air, it was amusing to hear that Robs high end PC even struggled with that game, yet the Air plays it fine lolz. The night ended with some bad singing from Lee, squeezing into Rob’s brother James’ bedroom to watch a video, then watching the old classic Childrens TV show Zzzapp!!! So yeah, quite an interesting night. Then Helen arrived, Rob gave a summary of the script for the upcoming production, then we all went home and that was the night.


Today I woke up, listened to music, and played with my pussy! Yep, had a few chats with peoples of awesome, then continues to stroke my pussycat. So yep, another lazy Sunday.

Till next week eh. E-Ya Later


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