Blog Tuesday 15th November 2011

Last Week

Last week was the week when I decided to take my purchase MacBook Air plan in to action, I started by selling my 2008 MacBook to my Mum and my iPad was sold to CEX, then I put some money towards it at the end of the day. One thing I was quite annoyed about was that when I got all the money I required to get the MacBook Air I realised that all banks were shut so I couldn’t order the Air until the next week onwards, luckily though my Dad intervened and got it off his card and I paid him back on the Monday after. The main reason I purchased the Air in the weekend was due to the Apple estimate of 3 business days, which would of worked out perfectly as I’m at College for 2 business days then on the day it was expected to arrive I would be home to pick it up, sound good, well we’ll see how that went later!

Monday 7th November

Monday was probably the most hilarious day I’ve ever had at College, and quite a productive one as I got quite a lot of Helens and Liz’ work done, although ended up being late for Liz’ lesson due to a fun dinner break with Claire who I found out is awesome and absolutely mad! Tom remained the insanely mad guy that he is, still now and then leading to The IT Crowd innuendos through the day and of course our amazing Sean Connery impressions definitely help the hours go by. I found an awesome Laptop case online at Zavvi for just over £10, which is absolutely awesome! Fits the MacBook Air, which I was waiting for, as well as all my College files, awesome! And, seen as I have it now, everything fits in it perfectly, it was destiny, it was just meant to be lol.

The dinner break was eventful to say the least, me and Claire had a right laugh in town, whilst Tom and another guy (can’t remember his name sorry), followed us behind, then later separated after we got my Sausage … Roll lol. Then me and Claire whilst roaming around the entire town, going to Argos, then going to CEX, then going to ASDA waiting along time to find out they had none, and so traipsing back to Argos again to find out that they had an offer on the product we were trying to get anyway, then having to run all the way across the town to rush on to a bus which was then late, and so that’s err… why we were late for the second lesson. All this was for Claire’s new iPod Touch, which she later found out in the afternoon required Wi-Fi to even set up and sync, so I helped out by using my iPhone 4’s Personal Hotspot feature for her, which she was err.. grateful for lol. Overall though a really fun day this one!

Tuesday 8th November

If on Monday I was living in an alternate universe, then Tuesday would have been how the day was, the complete opposite of Monday. Tuesday was an absolutely terribly boring day. For starters no one turned up, even Lynn which to be honest I wasn’t complaining about, didn’t turn up. After her lesson of absolute fun..ness with a teacher who acted as if we were all primary school pupils, it was time for another boring lesson, for some reason! I also managed to completely blag my way through a corrupted web file but still make it look like everything is working and fine. I wouldn’t mind but it was the incredible computers at College that led to my entire website been completely f***ed, so yeah, that’s why I’m bringing my new MacBook Air to College Mum lol. Which moves on quite smoothly to another one of the annoyances of the day, I ended up missed my UPS order, which by the way was my MacBook Air, even though my sister was willing to pick it up we never got a time! 11:52 ended up coming and missing it at that. So, the only viable alternative to get the Air was to wake up early the next day and wait all day for the MacBook Air and the awesome brown UPS van to arrive with the heavenly awesomeness that was the Air. But 9 – 5 doing absolutely nothing can be quite boring by yourself so I decided to post to FaceBook if anyone wanted to join me and make me company and was quite surprised to get a response from Jess! So was quite looking forward to Wednesday, if not for the Air, but for the amazing randomness of the day ahead!

Wednesday 9th November

The day to receive the MacBook Air 11 inch had arrived. Last night I posted to FaceBook whilst at College that I’d be waiting 9 – 5 waiting for the Air, and so if anyone wanted to join me they could, and Jess of all awesome people decided to join me. So I got up quite early, my Dad woke me up before he set off to work, and the waiting began. Jess agreed she was going to return up after 10, so I had an hour and a bit of waking up time by myself. Watched a bit of YouTube videos that only I like, had some Corn Flakes, which amazingly is the first time I’ve had Corn Flakes in weeks … for some reason, very sugary and helped a bit with my starting to f*** me off cold. Then, she arrived and it began … slowly lol. That’s kinda how any of my days start, I’m terrible with introductions to a while is spent wondering what the hell we are doing. We ended up watching some random programs on TV, Jess found Poirot very amusing lol, and was very impressed by everyones moustache. We ended up watching a bit of Johnny English, I know, shocker. We would of watched some more programs but I was limited to things on my iPhone as the computer we were waiting for, we could of watched some stuff on the iMac, but 1. Its weird to ask a friends girlfriend to watch stuff in your bedroom lol, and 2. We might not even hear the van coming … the second reason was the one I gave. Gave her a notepad, which would be a nice gesture if my Dad didn’t just want rid of them lol, but fair enough, let her use one of my bedroom pens to draw a cover! Then, the Post Man came to the door, which was weird because UPS have no association with the Royal Mail, but it ended up being a tiny red parcel. With after 10 minutes of feeling my rather big package we both decided to get the contents out and play around with it … … I’m talking about the delivery, gees. It ended up being my Birds Eye Polar Bear, which is awesome, although like with the meerkat it led to a very loud aww. We had some dinner and some scones at my plash to make the Sean Connery in me happy, and the inevitable happened, 9-4 delivery (9-5 at home alone) and it arrived at nearly half 3. The MacBook Air arrived, which led to even Jess judging me a bit. Everytime I get a piece of technology I do a live unboxing on my amazing show, with Jess … enjoyed watching. Had a play around with the new MacBook Air, which I’m loving and writing this blog with, Jess had a look at my old MacBook, now my Mums computer, just because she’s getting a 13 MacBook Pro, which is the same form factor, nice to see everyone switching to the Mac. The day progressed further with awesomeness, then few minutes after my Mum came home she decided to go … Jess, not my Mum lol. Then, on the spot we arranged to go to Leeds the following day!

If you haven’t noticed, Wednesday was a long day for me lol. The day wasn’t over, when Rob rang and asked if I fancied going out. So, ended up at the pub for the night. For some reason I really didn’t enjoy the night, don’t know why, though it was funny to see Flash trying to eat some Curry Masters thingy that was the size of a human babies head.

Thursday 10th November

When Jess left the previous day, she asked me if I fancied going round Leeds, which to be honest if anyone else asked I’d of definitely said no on the spot, but I’d never been to Leeds with Jess before so I thought I’d give it a go. As expected it was a right laugh, what an awesome gal. She broke the rules of women…ness by going in to get some shoes and taking  … 2 MINUTES in the store, I know!!! One of a kind there man, what the hell? Later I also found out how not obsessed with the Joker, Jess is … yeah! The day continued around some epic randomness, I got my Sausage and we headed back. Unfortunately we ended up getting the long bus back, but to be honest that gave us time to create our all-new sign language for the Joker, Croissant, Passion, and more. Which despite leading to Jess doing her hyena laugh on the way home, which is incredible, ended up being the end of a great day. When we returned, we had a drink and that was that!

Then, Rob rang me and I was like, oh my god de-ja vu. This time though it was a trip down the duck, which was a bit meh, but fair enough.

Friday 11th November – Remembrance Day

On Friday there was only one thing on my mind, and that of course was my Friday chippies. Got up actually the latest I’ve woke up all week, and that was still before the afternoon, I’m telling ya I’m in need of so much sleep.  After my Friday chippies which may I say were amazing, it was time to go to the pub to see Kai again. I decided to walk with Rob to the pub and eventually met up with Kai and Jess. Overall was a pretty weird night, had a few ups and downs in the conversations front, but to be honest, mostly positive … I think. OK, dropping Kai when he decided to jump up at me probably wasn’t the best thing, but in all fairness that was the alot thing I thought he was gonna do it lolz.

Saturday 12th November – The Day Lee Died … nearly

Saturday was going to be the night Lee was to see Kai on his visit over, and yes it was to be at the ever so amazing Duck. We later found out that Jess wouldn’t be here this time around due to not feeling well, which is fair enough, sick of seeing her to be honest lol … it’s a joke!!! No, was a shame, but what can you do eh. In hindsight she didn’t exactly miss the most pleasant of nights, as we’ll get on to later. After a swift visit to Tesco which annoyed me as I was pretty much put on the spot to buy drinks, with the response of ‘oh, I’ll put a few in the Duck later’, which I wouldn’t mind but I rarely actually drink down their so wasn’t impressed with that at all, especially as money is tough at the moment. But hey, eh. Kai arrived and it quickly became apparent, to Kai anyway, that we had a lot of things that when mashed together in to one drink could create alcoholic poison, so the man went to work and in comes the game ‘Bulls***’ (hint: that doesn’t say Bullseye lol). The card game pretty much comprised of … tbh I don’t really know, but at the end of it, Lee ended up losing the most, second being Rob, and me and Kai hardly ever at all so we had the pleasure of watching everyone else crumble. I always get worried when people get a deck of card out (unless its me on trick or treat lol), and I always fear pretty much all outcomes, but seen as I rarely lost, all was good, and this was by far the least threatening game … well, it was if you were in Lee’s situation but yeah! As the night progressed we were .. greated by a shock arrival (), which we were all honoured to see. Listen I’m hiding nothing here, we all know the situation, back to me pretending eh. Long story short, Rob still hasn’t found his balls lol. More drinks going down it quickly became apparent that Lee couldn’t handle Kai’s concoctions and even his Dad couldn’t either. The night resulted in Lee pretty much lying in his own vomit ruining his sofa, us rather amused and Kai, well all in a good days work lol. That’s one thing that will never happen to me that, when you drink its important to always know when you’ve had enough, and even though we all were pretty much drunk, which to be honest was an automatic reaction to even just one of Kai’s shots of death, none of those were anything like Lee. Amusing though, well prob not for Lee in the next morning. After Kai and Helen (it was her btw) had a suspiciously eri chat, the day ended, we said bye for now to Kai and that was that.

Sunday 13th November – Rubbish

Sunday was pretty disappointed and throughout the night I was thinking, god is this gonna be my week, last week was a really awesome week, don’t go away now! Sunday was very weird, I was invited out by Rob to the pub in which I insisted I was only having one, mainly as I had an assignment due in and I needed more of it done, but oh freaking no, I ended up having 4, granted 3 were bought by others, it became a much bigger problem later on. The night was very weird and awkward, a night with Rob, Helen and her friends … yeah, great! The night ended, eventually, and I went home to do the most latest ever homework I’d ever done, leading to my cold reaching probably the worst stages ever, yeah, thanks!

Monday 14th November – Just Make it End

Monday on paper was a great day, bringing my Air in Uni for the first time and everyone that made last Monday awesome were there, so what made it bad. Well, probably because I thought I had an assignment due in, I couldn’t spent more than 4 seconds without coughing and I felt absolutely dreadful. I know for a fact literally anyone else in my course would have pretty much said f*** that and stayed at home, which to be honest I wish I did to be honest.  Due to my intense coughing..ness, I was late to set off which actually ended up being a good thing as it meant I travelled (most the way) to Uni with my sister … ok I hear you ask. No, she had some miracle weird, awful spray stuff that numbs your throat and some Lockets, both of which just about got me through the day I know I’d of never got through otherwise, phew! The day started pretty well, everyone laughed at my new numb voice, to be honest the morning wasn’t the problem, it was the afternoon. In the afternoon, I found out that the assignment I thought was due in today wasn’t, it was due in Friday, and I’d more to do for it, so that annoyed me. Leading to a pretty pointless lecture from Liz, which I literally ignored, if I pass that lesson I’ll be very surprised. Spent most of the day playing Angry Birds and GTA on the Air, was not in any mood or state to do work, still couldn’t stop coughing, although felt a bit better after my sausage. At the end of it all I then travelled home to forget the day, but came home surprised to find at the end of a day of use, still 32% battery on the Air … I knowww!!!!

Tuesday 15th November – Today

Some amazing things happened today, someone in our class rang in to Uni to say he’d be late as he was stuck on the train, that took err… yeah, all day that, so yeah, work on that excuse for next time. Today was very average, got a lot of work to do for my first lesson, not too much to be worried, but definitely go some stuff to be doing, the second lesson was boring and pointless. But one thing I didn get out of it was that I managed to put my entire website (assignment one) on my Mac, so no worry of a stupid corruption like last time. SSD FTW! I also have every single GTA game now on the Mac, so amusement yeyy! One thing I am very annoyed about is the fact that I have to go in to Uni for literally 5 minutes just to hand something in, which is very annoying as that will cost me £4.20, so if anyone wants to do something please let me know!!! In searching for someone to join me on my Uni visit then probably for something after Jess arrived … who wouldn’t be able to join me tomorrow, but hey apparently she insists I watch Batman or else, so err… yeah, worrying movie day for Thursday. I probably won’t survive if I don’t like them, and there’s some pretty sharp knives in my kitchen. L

But yeah that’s … phew, just about it. Quite a big one this one, but hey, said my piece I think we can officially say lol.

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