Pokemon 1444 – The Club Battle Hearts of Fury, Emolga vs Sawk!


Pokemon Black and White

Episode 1444 – The Club Battle Hearts of Fury, Emolga vs Sawk!

(JP) Episode Description; The second round of the Don Battles at Raimon Town continue with Langley battling Satoshi. Langley has ordered Komatana to use Guillotine on a fallen Tsutarja. Tsutarja manages to gain consciousness at the last second and dodge the attack once again and attack using Leaf Blade. Komatana is now stuck in the ground. She attacks using Leaf Storm, defeating Komatana and giving Satoshi the win of the first match. Langley and Iris have another verbal brawl. The second match is Antonio vs. Dino where Dino wins. Dent offers Tsutarja Pokémon food specially made for her. Cabernet tries to put Dent down, but Tsutarja uses Vine Whip to slap her away. The third match is Luke vs. Dent. Dent sends out Maggyo while Luke sends out Merlarva. Maggyo starts of with Scald but Merlarva does not seem affected. Merlarva uses String Shot to wrap up Maggyo. Maggyo strikes back with Thundershock, but Merlarva dodges and uses Bug Buzz. Then it uses Flame Thrower and Maggyo jumps in, burning off the String Shot. Dent has Maggyo jump high in the air and then use Scald. Merlarva uses String Shot on itself for protection. Merlarva defeats Maggyo with Flamethrower, giving Luke the win of the third match. The final match of the second round is Iris vs. Kenyan. Kenyan sends out his Dageki, which is male, while Iris sends out her Emonga. Emonga starts off with Attract while Dageki counters with Close Combat. Dageki uses Bulk Up while Emonga uses Hidden Power which is countered by Double Kick. Emonga uses Hidden Power again which makes a direct hit. Dageki uses Close Combat but affected by Emonga’s ability Static. Dageki then uses Double Kick which Emonga counters with Attract, only for Dageki to counters with Close Combat. Emonga keeps using Attract while Dageki keeps using Close Combat until it is finally paralyzed by Emonga’s Static. Emonga finishes with Volt Switch taking out Dageki and giving Iris the win thus concluding the second round. The semi-finals will soon begin with Satoshi facing Dino and Iris facing Luke. The first match is Dino vs. Satoshi. Satoshi sends out Gamagaru while Dino sends out Darumakka.

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