Blog Sunday 16th October 2011

Since my last blog I’ve sorted out my finance and finally got my first payment, I know they didn’t half take their time. The main reason I didn’t add a blog last week was basically because nought happened … well stuff happened, but just not enough.


College … Uni whatever you want to frigging call it, is getting in to full swing and to be honest its alright to be honest. Just starting to get used to the 2 day weeks. There’s one course that I’m a big ugh on, but we’ll get there in the end. Interestingly enough was that I had a talk, one of those tutorial thingies, with the one that caused all the hiccups with getting on the course and she was shockingly nice, pfft, but hey move on from all that eh. She had a cut on a nose like someone had wacked her round face lol … I know! In one of the courses we’re doing a lot of presentations and so I decided to get a ‘Presentation Remote’, more on that later. We’ll see on Monday whether it works well, works fine at home. I was a bit let down that another one from last years course joined the course as it kinda means that I’ve lost a friend this year as it was Chris’ kinda bum boy lol. With that guy not here this year Chris was pretty awesome, but he’s back so err… ah well. What can ya do eh. ….. Starting to see why I didn’t add a blog last week are we, I had nothing! Oh, and I had the entire class doing amazing Sean Connery impressions last week, that was err… interesting. “14 nos and a yesh, is still… a yesh!!!”. What a man!!!

Johnny English Reborn

The day after it premiered we went to see Johnny English, and that was quite a lot of us actually. Me, Rob, Lee, Caddy and Jess went to see the epic film. It was quite fun actually, nice that Jess went to bring some err… difference to the Cinema experience, I’m talking obviously about her insane awesome laugh … yeaahhh, gotta love her eh! Me and Rob discovered that the Cinema actually had machines for buying tickets, I knoww, no queuing, awesome! Rob for some reason thought why not buy more than we need, but hey, he was paying. After purchasing some overpriced crap to have during the film, we entered the room to watch the film, and, to my review.

The film is an awesome sequel to an already great film, which is a lot cheaper now on iTunes if you want to download it conscious free. The film actually has a more James Bond style feel to it from the previous, but still with typical Johnny English comedy. I was at first disappointed that Ben Miller wasn’t going to be in the film playing Boff, but hey the new guy wasn’t bad suppose. I was also disappointed that the agent was called Agent 1 like the first, and his boss was called Pegasus, like the first one, not very inventive, but hey. The film was actually very good to be honest, sometimes sequels are rubbish compared to the original, but this is really worth watching, I don’t want to go too far in to the film to give it away from anyone who hasn’t seen it, but, its awesome! A solid 9 out of 10.

After the film we were all in a really good mood, it really was a good film, but then the night just collapsed to be honest. Rob thought it would be a good idea to go to the Casino next door, I don’t particularly like going, but I pump up to be sociable, but when I noticed that Jess didn’t enjoy it at all, and even Caddy wasn’t that impressed, it was just a real shame to be honest as it kinda ruined the night. After pretending to enjoy ourselves, we headed home, we first had a drink at the Spoons, but I wasn’t in much of a good mood after the Casino, and whilst they said otherwise I don’t think others were, it seemed only Lee and Rob wanted to be there.

But hey, if you ignore the previous paragraph, it really was a very good night.

The many trips out.

They were quite a few trips out mostly to Leeds, one was to get Rob’s amazing new Camera, which isn’t really isn’t that amazing. But wait, its got Dog Mode!!! … Yeahh.

Another trip out it was my turn to do the purchasing, I went to purchase a Presentation Remote, which was much more of a weird experience than it should of been to be honest, we got accused of … I actually don’t know what of, but this black guard didn’t half give us a weird look, one of the Remotes had obviously been stolen and obviously it was us, I give up sometimes, but hey, ignoring the random guard that didn’t really know what he was doing things went ahead and I got it. Then the day got weird when we went to the amazing Gallery of awesome, where we saw a dead sheep enclosed in a glass tube and some pretty terrible paintings … people pay for this?!! Had an alright Greggs after that, even though there’s about 9 in Leeds, only the one in the Bus Stations seems to be nice. But yeah, interesting.

We’ve also had some amazing, what I’m going to define as ‘Flash’ nights. When Flash gets his motor, we just go wild, literally, especially when Rob does his dancing, ooo hoh thats the guud stuff. I’d go on, but to be honest most of the nights end up being, pardon the pun, but end up been flashbacks. Pretty awesome though.

The Scones Chat up line.

Now as you know, my amazing Scones chat up line is absolutely amazing, but its yet to go in to action, well, last night it did and … well, I don’t really know how I’d rate how it went. I wouldn’t say it worked, but it definitely got a reaction … thats kinda my effect on women, nothing works, but it sure gets a reaction. … God. Quite a weird night to be honest, after we had quite an unexpected laugh at the Spoons, we headed to hell and actually enjoyed ourselves, I know!!! We went to the George and actually enjoyed ourselves, I don’t know how either. Night ended like usual with some sh***y chips. So, I don’t know what to make of my line to be honest.

Ought Else

  • Rob saw sense this weekend and ended what was pretty much getting unbearable. I’ll leave you all to guess what. Having said that, we’re yet to see proof, so, here’s hoping … for his sake!
  • The iPhone 4S came out and, whilst its good, not good enough, gonna be keeping my iPhone 4 till the next iPhone announcement, unless I have a stupid turn and make the big mistake to try out Android again. If you’re an existing iPhone 4 user, you might want to check this out!
  • Steve Jobs, the legend that was, unfortunately died at the age of just 56, the Apple co-founder was a visionary for the entire technological world and will surely be missed by more than just Apple.
  • Whilst we were thinking of doing it, unfortunately we’re going to remain with the worst ISP of all time, TalkTalk. Why, because we pay less than £10 a month for unlimited internet and we’re not increasing that to a stupid £40 with BT, especially when its still capped, ridiculous prices on BT.
  • I got the latest Little Dragon album this week and its pretty awesome actually, so get Ritual Union … NOW!!! lol. Yeah, quite a good album, bit weird, but weird people like me like weird music.
  • Speaking of music, Gorillaz are now 10 Years Old, congrats to 2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel, but probably mostly to Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett.

Well, thats about it, nought more to report, or ought of interest. So yeah.

E-Ya Later


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