Is the iPhone 4S worth it for existing iPhone 4 users?

The existing iPhone 4

Its that time again, another Apple device has arrived and of course many are going to be queuing on Friday to get their hands on it, but why, isn’t what you’ve already got enough. Its that time again, is the new iPhone 4S worth it for existing iPhone 4 users.

iOS 5

iOS 5 will be the real reason why many will be speculating whether the upgrade will be worth it or not. The iPhone 4 supports all 200 new features introduced in iOS 5 which was released to the world yesterday (12th October) along with iCloud. So many will be wondering why get the iPhone 4S, the phone you’ve got now if you’re happy with it, maybe pretty much as good for the average jo. And don’t worry, and iOS5 review and feature guide is on the horizon.


The iPhone 4 has the A4 and the iPhone 4S has the A5 … great, so whats the difference. Apple have never officially confirmed the spec of the A4, but its been speculated to have 1GHz single core power with 512MB of RAM. The A5 has 800MHz processor, but its dual core with up to 5x faster graphics performance over the iPhone 4, so if gaming and speed is your thing, then the 4S maybe something to look into, but we really wouldn’t recommend just going for it over an iPhone 4 without seeing it in person and really being blown away over Speed.

One thing you may think about the iPhone 4S for is Video. The iPhone 4S now supports Mirroring using the HDMI adapter, or via AirPlay, this could be a very useful and awaited feature for many, which was first introduced in the iPad 2. Also, with the increased gaming performance, Real Racing 2 will be able to do the same thing you can with the iPad 2, with full 1080p gameplay on a TV, whilst your iPhone 4S will work as a Steering wheel and show controls on the iPhone, whilst your TV is Fully Filled with the gameplay. Here it is on an iPad 2.


Siri is pretty much the only thing going for the iPhone 4S in the uniqueness that you’re going to see. Siri is much more than Voice Control you have now on your iOS device. Siri is actually very impressive and rather industry leading in how accurate it is and what it can do, especially as Apple are still branding it as in ‘beta’. As you can see from this video, it is some very impressive software, many have speculated why its not in existing iPhones, but come on, they need some feature to market the device over, same as when Voice Control was 3GS only in 2009. If you are partially sighted or blind, of if you use your phone in the Car, Siri is a incredible reason to get a 4S, and many more situations. If anything is going to make you get a 4S, Siri will likely be it. In fact, the S probably stands for Speed when you ask them at an Apple Store, but to us, the S stands for Siri.

World Phone

In the UK, every network is GSM … no really, all of them. Whilst some Americans are like, wow, really, they are. The US probably has the most ugliest of network carriers, all with their own standards and services it just makes it awful for manufactures and users get a good network, and because of this Apple has released the iPhone 4S as a ‘World Phone’, featuring technologies of CDMA and GSM built in with multiple bands to work on pretty much all networks world-wide. Whilst this isn’t ever probably going to be noticed or used for UK citizens or even European citizens all over, this could be very useful for people who regularly travel around the world, as your iPhone will literally run on any network … well, roam it. Watch your bill if you’re gonna be doing that.

In the US, the iPhone 4S is also available on Sprint for the first time, and many more worldwide networks have been added. This is obviously gonna effect peoples decision to get it.


The iPhone 4S has an amazing Camera, whilst at 8 MegaPixel (from 5 on the iPhone 4) it has all new optics and shots taken on this device are just incredible, the 4S’ camera really is a professional one. The feature thats got most excited is 1080P HD Video Recording, which knowing Apple will be incredible. The iPhone 4 720P HD video recording is to date the best 720P video I’ve seen from a Smartphone so very looking forward to the 1080p performance from the 4S.


Short and right to the point, the iPhone 4S is the first iPhone to come in 64GB of Storage, which is awesome. So if you’re full and can’t do anything about it on a 32GB iPhone 4, then … well, firstly enjoy the price of upgrading, and secondly, there’s a solution.


This is one thing I’ve never had a problem with on the iPhone 4, but if you did you’ll be happy to know that the iPhone 4S fixes the Antennagate issue, woo. So, that could be a reason to get it … possibly.

Network Performance

The iPhone 4S supports 14.4Mhz down speeds, which AT&T in America claim is 4G as HSDPA+. So thats pretty good, of course support for this standard is very scarce, in fact AT&T are actually rh only carrier worldwide we can see supporting this upon the 4S release.

The iPhone 4S also features Bluetooth 4.0 which uses next to nothing battery life and has so much more to offer, this is a secretly kept big deal. Brief info on Bluetooth 4.0 advantages here!


So, are you getting an iPhone 4S, have you pre-ordered or got yours yet. If so, what made you get it. Me personally, after using iOS 5 for a few weeks now (developer testing) on an iPhone 4 I don’t feel its worth the upgrade, but some of these features are indeed very tempting, the most for me are the Camera and 64GB capacity. But we’ll see. I’m waiting for the sixth iPhone.

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