Blog Sunday 2nd October 2011

Since my last blog … well, not much has happened, which is good as I can’t really be assed typing much today, so woo about that I suppose.


College this week has been a bit less annoying than last week, mainly due to the fact that I didn’t have to spend my back up fiver on a trip of a pointlessness to a University to do exactly what I did last year, no lie. But hey. No, it all went pretty smoothly to be honest, obviously starting to feel the increase demand of the course, but hey, I’m in a Uni course now, which begs the question on why I’ve titled this part as College …. tell ya what, next blog onwards it will be titled Uni alright, good.

Monday was alright, nought special, just alright lol. I didn’t at all enjoy my first lesson purely due to the Book we’ve to work through throughout the year, this time it was installing an OS, oh joy, never done that before, pretty boring but looks like things will get more interesting and challenging on that lesson through the year. Then in the next lesson we got on to some other stuff which was made easier due to some software we had, it led to some work to do at home, oh the joys, but hey what ya gunna du!

Tuesday was interesting to say the least, me, Chris and Clare from my course ended up randomly been told to do a presentation to test our presentation skills. This wouldn’t be annoying, but this was the day I started to get a cold and my voice had died, so… thhhanks! Without my voice I don’t have my mo-jo, which probably explains absolutely blowing it at the start and forgetting where I am, kinda like the Sony President on MacWorld a few weeks back (link), that was me! Luckily Chris recovered the presentation and the ending part I did alright. Luckily my voice is coming back now so if we get prompted suddenly for another presentation then I’m ready … probably won’t happen now. Least out of it all, got 2 great friends now.

Rest of the week

This week I went to Tesco with Caddy to get a Photo from the Photo Machine which is now FIVE POUNDS!!! Either way, couldn’t do it that day as it was more expensive than we thought and it needed to be in coins. … So next day I did it and got it, yey! Except it wasn’t because the chair jammed that you put higher so you can sit on it, so the photo is me been stressed because I’m standing awkwardly, woo, pfft.

Also saw Lee for a bit, had some of Rob’s left over cans from the Dinner Party, which was fun. Watched prob the weirdest awesome Craig Ferguson episode with the sound effect lol. Was alright.

This week has probably been the worst week for weather ever, I hate warm weather, and especially hate warm weather in Britain, so 30c in the UK is extreme. Had to get my own chippies on Friday as my Mum and Dad have had another week off this week, which is so annoying because it means there always in the way, ugh. But hey. Had some lovely chippies.

Graham Coxon

Anyone who knows me know I’m a pretty big fan of Blur, I mean the band have been around my whole life, there debut album Leisure came out in 1990 for godsake and their latest single ‘Fool’s Day’ was released in 2009 so they’ve definitely been around my whole life. Their main guitarist Graham Coxon has been described as one of the best guitarist of his generation which is really accurate, even Noel Gallagher said he was an amazing guitarist! But when Graham left Blur in 2002 before Think Tank and came back in 2009 for the reunion, he’s been releasing solo albums. I’d heard ‘Freakin Out’ and I wasn’t that keen on it, prob cause I heard the live version, but I decided to look through his back catalogue, he’s got 9 albums, where did they come from, thats as many as Blur and Oasis have, he makes music quick. Got his entire back catalogue of albums and there’s some really good songs man, he’s awesome. So yeyy, another artist to get the “All albums and songs” on my iPod.

Saturday’s Journey

On Saturday things were interesting, got woke up by Rob on the phone, which is always the way I love been woken ……….. yeah! Anyway, we ended up going round Leeds, which was alright, really fancied a Sausage Roll soooo much, but had no freaking money, ugh. But hey. We went round Leeds looking at stuff, had a look at the 11 inch MacBook Air, thinking of getting that next year to be honest as a much more portable notebook, but a portable notebook that works unlike those crappy netbooks, prob not until February next year like. Had a look at some tablets as well, long story short, Android tablets are awful, the Playbooks too small, and the crowds were around the iPads.

Rob ended up buying a Camera, for some reason. The Camera has many features including ones you’d expect, HD recording, many exposure settings, USB connectivity, SD storage and all that good stuff, then it has just insane features like …. Dog and Cat modes. Oh yes, the camera automatically takes a picture of a dog and a cat it sees, it works as well, Dog mode worked on Rob’s dog and even Rob so the mode works lol.

Then the night progressed, we ended up going round Cleck, quite a lot joined us actually, I was wondering whether to invite Jess out as she’d been mentioning she’d like to hang out with us, but ended up not, I’d rather invite someone out who I could buy a drink to be honest and I was still skint, shame. As the night progressed we had Rob (for a while), Caddy, Lee, Flash and more, quite a group to be honest. At the end of the night it was just me, Lee and Flash, or was there …. DUH DUUUHHHH! Thanks to Flash’s experiment we ended up joining Tesco Bernard lol and crew, yeah that went well lol. We were 3 quiet ignored folk one the edge of a table full of chatters, FAIL moment. But it did lead to Flash turning in to Jeremy Kyle for a while. Yeah, interesting. Anyway, night ended like many with some sh***y chips, this time got by Lee, thanks Lee. And that was that!

Ought Else

  • I was suppose to get my first, well everyone was, finance payment by last Tuesday, guess what, haven’t, which is very annoying to say the freaking least as everyone is unexpectedly skint for the course, and the first one is kinda the most important one so you can get started. So if I don’t get it by Monday its time to complain and inquire on what the hells going on eh. Wouldn’t mind, but as soon as I do get paid I’m gonna have to pay loads of people back as because I’m completely skint I’ve been having to scrounge, oh how I love you Student Finance, pfft. Mean what I say, Monday we’ll all see then.
  • One thing I found incredibly interesting this week was ticking a box in iTunes for my iPhone 4 which changed a lot of things, the “Convert higher bit rate songs to 128 kbps AAC” option is incredible. I’ve a 32GB iPhone 4 and it was in its last 1GB, music took up nearly 16GB, I enabled this option and boom, I suddenly have nearly 8GB free, thats amazing! I could double my library with this setting turned on, and I’ve 1400+ songs now! The great thing about this feature is it doesn’t change the higher bit rate songs on your Computer, so definitely try it out, its a great feature. And, 128Kbs AAC is about the same quality as 256Kbs MP3, yeah, starting to like AAC aren’t we. Quality wise even in my headphones I couldn’t tell, all this feature has given me, is more memory! Go for it.

But thats it for now, till next week eh.

E-ya Later


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2 thoughts on “Blog Sunday 2nd October 2011

  1. Thanks Ben for the share. Was pleasantly surprised by your post. Your method of extracting the important bits shows a real eye for detail. Your writing flowed very nicely. Many thanks

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