Blog Sunday 25th September 2011 – This is a Big One

OK, it might have been quite a while since my last blog, but my god it hasn’t half all happened. Not only have I lost my course place due to the most stupidest of excuses ever, undergone complaints to get it back and ugh so much more, I’ll get into that later. But I’ve we’ve also lost one of our group. Also probably some of the worse yet oddly possible chat up lines, oh the lolz on that one! As well as more house hang outs, dinner parties, and well, more!

The Lee…ness Continues

In my last blog I mentioned how I’ve pretty much been doing nought but going to Grandad Lees house, which don’t get me wrong has been awesome, and yes the madness continues. Performed some more music, which is always epic. Watched some more Celebrity Deathmatch, still the only good thing on MTV, we watched the awesome Robert De Niro with the ‘what’s a matter you’ Italian part. We watched the Charlie Sheen one as well, which lead to some pretty awful chat up lines, such as the amazing “wow, you must be tired, cos you’ve been running through my mind all day” and the amazing “Excuse me, can I have you’re number, I’ve lost mine!”. Oh ho that’s the guud stuff! Also “are you from the Caribbean, cos you’re Jamaican me crazy!”, for some reason I have to say that in an accent, still awesome thought!

Monday (12th)

This week has started interesting anyway, on Monday I ended up getting some brew down myself and ended up hanging round with Lee, Rob as well as some of Robs work mates, which ended up leading to getting rather …. bamboozled, let’s just say. Accidentally, well kinda deliberately spilt an entire pint all over Rob, which if anything was amusing! Was it deliberate Ben … well as much as I’d love to say it was, and how it would be pretty epic, it was an accident, sorry! Anywho, Rob, Grandad Lee … Rob again, his twin and a lass called Lorna and I had quite an interesting night to say the least.
After been out quite a while, they were all on about going to Robs house for a few (The new Rob) which I was against at first as I was feeling pretty tired and in all fairness had to get up in morning, more on that later, but all was well. Had a few laughs, not bad folk to be honest, hopefully Rob doesn’t poison them like he has to us and ruin their lives lol. One thing we all agreed on by the end of the night was if we ever had to sort Rob and the new Rob out, we’d just call Rob, nob ed, and the other just Rob, works out easy, and everyone knows which ones which lol. But yeah, interesting night, spent more than I wanted to, but what can you do eh!

My College Predicament

As you may or may not know, after completing my previous course at College I applied for a HE course (Higher Education) at the same centre. The course I applied for had a few additional advantages over doing it somewhere else, notably the only 2 day weeks, leaving time for a part time job for example, and the much lower tuition fees in comparison to Universities. Anyway, applied for the course, did the amazingly easy to use (pfft lol) UCAS system to apply for it, and during the holidays got a yes from both UCAS and the centre itself that the course was as good as mine. Anyway, after receiving a letter for the enrolment day, I turn up only to be pretty much turned away from the course tutor who, in her opinion, thought I was not ready for the course, I know! Anyway, obviously quite shocked by the new development, it turned out that she had been trying to contact me over the holidays to let me know about some new conditions … we got nothing by the way, but she claimed that all she got was an answer machine and doesn’t leave messages, which is quite frankly ridiculous. So, at the end of the day I’d no choice but to go home. I rang in to College to ask to talk to her and somehow persuade her to change her mind, thinking I was in the wrong somehow and/or thus circumstances happen often, but it wasn’t until I got some Careers help until I realised that wasn’t the case. The following week I went to see someone for some advise, basically to get some quick advise as next step was pretty much going to have to be a job, as it was waaay too late to apply elsewhere like she suggested at College.
Anyway, I went to visit a Careers advisor who quite frankly after hearing what had happened to me, couldn’t even believe what I was telling her and got some very interesting developments out of that visit. Not only had the College gone against its contract for denying a student entry in to a course after receiving a written confirmation, there was also some legal complications, ooo it had it all. I have to right now thank that Careers women, she was incredible and told College a thing or too over phone, I was like …. sh** lol, she was so demanding and controlling over phone.
Long story brought short, I was later contacted by the top dogs at College basically explaining due to the circumstances if I still wanted the course it was not in their rights to stop me enrolling and going on the course … funny how some people change their minds suddenly isn’t it. Anyway, I’m on now, we’ll see how this year goes won’t we.
It makes you think though doesn’t it, if I’d of done nothing they’d of got away with that, I truly believe they thought I was just gonna walk away, I couldn’t do that, if anything, due to how late they denied me entry I’d of been f***ed anyway. So there you go, learned a lesson their, never accept a no, fight for your position.

Attempted Burglary

So, if the stress of the problems with College wasn’t enough, on the morning I was awaiting a phone call from College about what the situation was on enrolling again, on Thursday 15th September, I’ll remember that date for two reasons now, I awoke to find my Dad said down looking in no way ready for work, which he would of been at that time, and a back door with no key hole anymore … well there was a hole, but no key placement at all. They didn’t get in, which was probably due to the technique you had to use to open the door as it was f***ed, but the one thing that would of stopped them even if the door was in working order was our jammers. Can’t remember why or when we first got the jammers, just some strong additional locking for the inside, we’ve got them on both the front and the back door and they saved anyone getting in, so yeah, can’t not recommend them enough. The Police think they were after car keys to steal the car, either way, who knows what they wanted, all we know is, they didn’t get ought. AND, where was Colin in all of this lol. It was the same day I went to College for my second enrolment which actually led to me getting on the course, at 3PM. We got the door fixed the day after on Friday, got a College timetable to start the following Monday and yeah, that was that.

Home Alone Week

If I’m glad about one thing, its that the attempted burglary didn’t happen the week after lol. But hey, one day after the door was fixed, everyone was off on holiday, and I mean everyone this time, both sisters and partners, Mum, Dad, the lot, thank you! This meant a whole week of purely no distractions and enjoyment. Things kinda kicked of instantly on the week off with a dinner party.

-Dinner Party

Arranged fully literally the previous day whilst at the duck at Grandad Lees, me and the crew were gonna have a dinner party. It was originally going to be filmed as a kinda ‘Come Dine With Me’ spoof, but that never happened, which I can’t say I cared about really. The day started with some preporations, purchased some more supplied of food for the event and brought them back to my house. The day didn’t kick off to a great start when I got a phone call saying Kai and Jess couldn’t make it which was a big let down to say the least, and was incredibly relieved when they changed their mind to come. So, it was me, Rob, Grandad Lee, Kai and Jess all facing my amazing cuisine.

  • The starter was rather basic and very simple to make ….. its Toast alright lol. If I may so myself, I think I make some pretty nice toast. Everyone seemed to enjoy the starter, although lets be honest, thats a pretty safe and normal thing to eat.
  • The main course was my specialty, Microwave Fish Fingers, yummy! 7 Birds Eye fish fingers in a microwave for 1:40 (on an 800watt microwave) each side, spend no longer than 15 seconds turning every fish finger around, then after the ping of the other side, your done, set! Sprinkle with salt and you’ve got a pretty nice main. Seen as I was serving for 4 and only had 1 microwave, everyone had 3 and a half Fish Fingers.
  • The desert was strange because Kai brought in a Cheesecake lol. But anyway, the desert I planned was of course, Scones! Lovely.
  • Drinks include Lucozade and …. no thats it. If you want to go to the extreme you can try what Kai had, a nice Lucotini, strong stuff that is! ……… OK, its Lucozade in a shot glass, but hey!

The rest of the night was great, Jess appreciated lets just say, my shirt and tie, I thought why not really lol. I’ve been trying out Windows 8 on the iMac on Boot Camp which Rob had a look at and tried getting on his crappy netbook. Then, we all had Scones whilst watching Craig Ferguson’s ‘A Wee Bit O Revolution’. The night was a success I thought as I did the look you do sometimes whilst hosting a night, looked around saw everyone laughing … OK it was at the stand up show, but ya know, the night felt a success. ….. or so I thought, we’ll get on to that later, don’t want to ruin my mood typing this. Anyway, when Rob, Kai and Jess had gone for reason we’ll get on to later as I said. Me and Lee decided to look through some things online, why not eh. We ended up watching some comedy to kinda cheer us up from what had happened, then spoke about that needed to be done. Aside from that, the night was great, thanks to those who turned up.

-Monday … might of been Sunday, who knows eh!

On Monday(?), Rob and Lee came down, mainly for some laughs, Rob apologised for the Dinner Parties rough ending lets just say, yeeahh! I decided to forget about it for the night. Had a laugh, few drinks which led to watching some of the worst songs ever in music video form on YouTube … which then led to the weirdest craze. We ended up watching Disney music in different languages, yep! It was pretty awesome to be honest. Then, Rob had to go due to work in the morning, then me and Lee continued finding weird random content like we always do, and that was that.


It was sad that I had to go to College on a home alone week, and was quite nervous going their to be honest based on all that happened, but you know something, it wasn’t that bad to be honest. I know its only the first week, but had a pretty ok week to be honest. Ended up going to Leeds Uni on the Friday as whilst I’m no actually at Leeds Uni, I am a student based on the fact my College is partnered with them and I’m doing a HE course. Either way, quite a boring day, but hey, gonna get a Leeds Met card so I can use their facilities if I want, even if I never go their it gives me a nice Apple Store discount lol.

-Visiting my Grandma & Grandad

It had been a while since I’d last visited my Grandma and Grandad and I was pleasantly surprised when I got a phone call from my Grandma on Tuesday asking if I wanted to go to theirs for tea sometime in the week, to which I said I’d come the next day. And the next day after retuning all the TVs thanks to the big Digital Switch Over in the UK, I went and had tea at my Grandmas & Grandads. It wasn’t nice I’m sorry to say lol, didn’t say that obviously, but hey. It was very nice to see them anyway, ended up watching Midsomer Murders, phworr lol, then went home. I ended up going as well the next day, last Thursday, and happily had a lovely tea, had some bluddy lovely Yorkshire Pudding. Then after a few laughs about not been able to use an electric Salt dispenser, we watched some Billy Connoly on TV, love that guy. Unfortunately due to going to Leeds Met on the Friday I couldn’t come the next day, but they were just happy I’d come over as was I to be honest, I was great to see them.

-A Friday Drink and a laugh with Kai & Jess

Sounds like a crap movie title that lol. But hey, on Friday, after going to Leeds Met and had some lovely chippies, later that night I went out to pub to meet up with Kai for the last time in quite a while. When I arrived their, no one was their which annoyed me abit, the pub was busy and I was a bit late as well, but no one there, I was like … wwwell lol. But had a few walks up and down, then gave him a text, and like everything, as you try to fix something, it fixes itself, there they were. Had a few drinks, which happily they bought most of lol, and just had a really good laugh. Completely forgot the name of the other guy that came and chatted with us for a while, but he seemed pretty awesome, but was soon gone. We left the Wickham which we were at for quite a few, then stopped off at the always last stop, the Spoons. Had a few their, been it Friday it shut later, which was great as the night was going so well to stop at 12, was a shame though when it had to end, mostly as it will be a good while till I see Kai. and I’m not sure about Jess. I told them about seeing Johnny English Reborn, when it comes out in the Cinema, and that we were all planning on going together when it came out, which Jess said she would love to come with us, so we’ll have to arrange that. Well, until next time eh Kai, who knows may see Jess before then, would be nice.

End of The Home Alone Week

And that was it, my week home alone! Had a really great week (considering the one thing) so thanks to all that made it a really awesome week!

The One Thing

Now, one thing that has been patterning itself throughout this blog has been the dinner party at my house had a one thing we said we’d mention later, well, welcome to later lol. Rob and his girlfriend, if you call it that recently have really been annoying the whole lot of us, plainly because, whatever is wrong with her, or wrong with them, she always has (only recently btw) this absolutely unbearable attitude, and she just turns up to ruin a whole night, it happened on Kai’s original leaving do, which was the main reason I invited Kai to my Dinner Party to try and to a take two, and guess what, she ruined that too. Think we’re all at the moment just thinking Rob get rid of her, he evidently doesn’t like her either recently, we’re all just pissed off at the moment with her, and all of Rob’s quite repetitive crap excuses on why its not over. So, there you go, a rough bitchy end to my blog lol. I think its fair to say I’m not speaking on behalf of just myself here. Now, I’ve had to put up with many friends girlfriends, or boyfriends to some women I know, and if I don’t truly like them I don’t show it and socialise for the friends sake, and I think most people are like this, but we all just can’t take it anymore, so you know what, we’re not!

Ought Else

  • To try and not end on a completely err… booyacasha mood lol, some pretty interesting stuff have happened recently, I’m still addicted to Jeeves and Wooster, in fact I’ll be watching another after this blog, bluddy love it. Prob not the language they’d use, but hey, times have changed, but it’s still amusing to see in to the past, and how can you not love the combination of Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie.
  • I’ve also been trying out Windows 8 Developer Preview, did a blog showing you where to get it, its very different which is good, whether thats a good or bad thing you’ll have to wait until my first impressions review.
  • Oh, and seen as I can’t think of anything else to say, just to let you know my updated Peoples of Awesomness list comes in at the end of every month, so the 30th of this month, some interesting switches on their I’d expect.
  • And my Mum came back from her holiday in Mallorca, but came back with the most awful cat ornament, think she was having one of her moments when she thought it was a good idea to buy that. [Photo]

Anyway, E-Ya Later


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