Could Apple be planning a whole new Mac line?

Apple has always been about the Macintosh, even if the iOS and iPod world maybe what they are more known for, I always feel that the Mac will always be Apple, but I’ve also felt Apple is shying away from the Mac. Whilst OS X Lion is good, it still feels like the “Mac” is leaving OS X, whilst some of iOS elements in Lion make it more useful and better to use, I do feel like the whole iOS meets OSX isn’t a good thing, but if anyone is gonna manage to persuade otherwise it will be Apple. Suppose we’ll all see.

One thing that I don’t quite understand is the real, sometimes major, timeframe between Mac updates. For example, the Mac Pro hasn’t had an update in an entire year, which for a Pro computer that supposed to have the best ever things a computer can, is quite rubbish really, but it seems that that maybe changing and Apple could be re-inventing the Mac product line.

Apple recently got rid of the entry level “MacBook” line, but according to Japanese site Macotakara briefly reports that Apple is planning to introduce an entirely new Mac product to its lineup. According to a rough translation provided with the original Japanese version, the product is said to be “absolutely different from current products” and potentially set for introduction by the end of the year.

According to anonymous source in Asian supplier company, Apple seems to be preparing project to release new Mac line-up which is absolutely different from current products until end of this year.

Though this source does not told in detail, this new Mac line seems to be clearly different products from current ones, so new product name could be given.

Macotakara has a mixed track record when it comes to Apple rumors. The site made news last December with its rendering of the iPad 2 case showing off a new, larger speaker that did in fact appear in the shipping version a few months later. The site also correctly reported on the iPad 2 media event and launch timeframe and introduction of Final Cut Pro X and third-party Thunderbolt devices. The site was incorrect, however, in its claim of Toggle DDR 2.0 memory for the MacBook Air.

(Source: parts from MacRumors)

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